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【DAYTONA】Power Advance Power Filter

Harga: Rp382,000

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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Diameter Port Pemasangan : Φ49
Tipe Bulat Oval (Lurus)


* Pengaturan akan diperlukan setelah mengganti main jet.
* Pastikan Anda memiliki banyak ruang untuk pemasangan.


Disesuaikan untuk putaran tinggi & knalpot berdaya tinggi. Performa menekankan filter daya dari kategori "Power Advance". Periksa ruang pemasangan di sisi bodi kendaraan Anda dan pesan filter yang akan menyesuaikan.

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    • Universal
  • 4.2

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    This air filter is very good, texture, in the use of air intake is very smooth. No matter from the appearance or appearance are my favorite, observation for a long time, finally bought back, did not disappoint me.

    Maru is so modest so you can exchange immediately!
    Installation is also finished if you tighten to the carburetor with Band! But if you do not tighten it firmly it will come off while driving, please make sure you do not over tighten it, I dropped it about 3 times because I neglected it.
    I installed it on vm 26 of MONKEY and GORILLA, but the space is secured.
    After all it was carburetor adjusted to make it dense. Main jetetc. Please try changing the setting, I went down from number 10 and above.

    빠른 배송에 감동했고. 저렴한 가격에 또 한번 감동 햇습니다 장착후 바로 사용해 보았는데 50cc같은 바이크에는 최적이라고 생각이 듭니다 공기를 적당하게 흡입을 해주어서 버벅거리는 현상이 전혀 나타나지가 않습니다 다음에도 또 주문할 의향이 있습니다 I was impressed by the fast delivery. I was impressed once again at a low price. I tried it immediately after mounting, but I think it is best for a bike like 50cc. It does not show any phenomenon of bumping because it sucks the air properly.(translated by Google Translator)

    DAYTONA Power Advance Power Filter สินค้านี้แพคเกจดูดี ใช้วัสดุที่มีคุณภาพรูปทรงสวยงามไม่ใหญ่จนเกินไป ใช้งานแล้วช่วยกรองฝุ่นละอองต่างๆ และการไหลเวียนของอากาศดีขึ้น DAYTONA Power Advance Power Filter This product package looks good. Use quality materials that are not too big. Used to filter dust. And better air circulation.(translated by Google Translator)

    Although I was using funnel, Engine was going to stop many times due to rain in the rush, I was looking for a Power Filter but since I was having trouble entering Size, I bought it unexpectedly.
    At first, I did not expect performance, but recently, the number of revolutions has increased and I started to rise to 13000 rpm.

    My car SUPER CUB 80.
    We installed this Power Filter at the same time as pc 20 was installed.
    Well as characteristic of Power Filter
    I hear the air intake sounds amazing.
    It becomes thin.
    I think it is hard to set up or something from OEMAir cleaner.
    But for those who like it, this inspiration sounds boring!
    60 kilometers When cruising, twisting Axel to further accelerate, "Ba !!" The way to accelerate with the inspiratory sound like Mong is blowing off the hardship and fatigue of Carburetor setting!

    It looks fancy and fashionable.

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