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【RK】Rantai GP420MRU Seri GP Super [Silver]

Harga: Rp613,000

*Termasuk PPN 10%
Webike Points: 6,130 pts

Shipping point: 7.1 pts ( 7.1 pts x 1qty)
DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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Model yang Sesuai:

CRF70F (03 - 04) 【Genuine links】 86

CRF50F (01 -) 【Genuine links】 78

CL50 V/X (97 - 02) 【Genuine links】 100 [Goodness of fit] ◎

V50 M/P 【Genuine links】 100 [Goodness of fit] ◎

V70 (76) 【Genuine links】 102 [Goodness of fit] ◎

V75 (77) 【Genuine links】 100 [Goodness of fit] ◎

BIRDIE 50SC 【Genuine links】 98 [Goodness of fit] ◎

BIRDIE 50DX 【Genuine links】 98 [Goodness of fit] ◎

COLLEDA SPORT 50 (97 - 00) 【Genuine links】 104 [Goodness of fit] ◎

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■ STREET / untuk Ras

rantai Ukuran : 420
Warna : Perak
rantai Jenis : Seal Rantai
Segel : uring
JointType : Clip Joint
Komponen yang : : JointX1 (70 LINK atau lebih)


Meskipun sederhana yang dibuat oleh perlakuan panas khusus dari baja ketegangan tinggi, kinerja yang berorientasi Diperkuat Rantai. Di dalam · Di luar Plate, plating perak mengkilap. Chic keindahan cocok dengan setiap MODEL dari NAKED ke Amerika.

Out-of-print mobil ChainSealization diputuskan oleh ini!

All Size berat ringan (Dibandingkan dengan Rantai untuk kelas yang sama) / Percepatan kekuatan UP! Ultra SealGPSeries tipis / Ikuti Racing spek. Aku mengurangi resistance di saat akselerasi ke batas.
Chic tampilan dengan Maha Kuasa yang cocok apa-apa! unik ultra-tipis Seal diadopsi lebar RK dengan non-segel dan sejenisnya..
Saya juga akan cocok mobil tua di mana rantai Seal biasa tidak bisa digunakan. (Silakan lihat grafik sesuai dengan model untuk detail)

Model yang Sesuai

    • CRF70F (03 - 04) 【Genuine links】 86
    • CRF50F (01 -) 【Genuine links】 78
    • CL50 V/X (97 - 02) 【Genuine links】 100 [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • CF70 CHALY (82 - 87) 【Genuine links】 86 [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • CF50 CHALY (79 - 87) 【Genuine links】 88 [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • V50 M/P 【Genuine links】 100 [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • V70 (76) 【Genuine links】 102 [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • V75 (77) 【Genuine links】 100 [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • V80 【Genuine links】 100 [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • YB-1 (-99) 【Genuine links】 96 [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • BIRDIE 50SC 【Genuine links】 98 [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • BIRDIE 50DX 【Genuine links】 98 [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • COLLEDA SPORT 50 (97 - 00) 【Genuine links】 104 [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • Epo PV 50P (94 - 99) 【Genuine links】 88 [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • COLLEDA SCRAMBLER 50 (97 - 00) 【Genuine links】 104 [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • 85 SX Large (03 - 07) 【Genuine links】 122 [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • 85SX small (03 - 07) 【Genuine links】 120 [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • 80MX (03 - 07) 【Genuine links】 122 [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • 80MX (86) 【Genuine links】 134 [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • 65SX (02) 【Genuine links】 112 [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • KX60 (90 - 01) 【Genuine links】 104
    • KX65 (00 - 04) 【Genuine links】 108
    • Z125 PRO (16 -) 【Genuine links】 100 [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • KV75 【Genuine links】 88 [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • KSR2 (-99) 【Genuine links】 108 [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • 50RS (99 - 05) 【Genuine links】 124 [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • RS50 (06 - 07) 【Genuine links】 132 [Goodness of fit] ◎
  • 4.8

    10 Ulasan

  • 5














  • Tulis Ulasan
  • One thing troubled Chain has decreased by one


    by Japan User(translated)
    Standard was Non-seal Chain of DID, but the elongation was severe, and recently I was concerned about rust at washing, so it was about 5000 Km but decided to exchange420L - I searched for 100 colors on the condition that it is a Seal chain, color is one color of Silver or Gold, this chain of RK was foundThere is absolutely no problem concerning mountingI have run about 1000 Km after the exchange, but I can not see the initial growth growthI switched from Non-seal to Seal, but I do not feel Friction loss which is often told (Just for it)I do not know when it will be, but I think that I will choose this same Chain at the next replacement, so I hope that it will not be abolished until then
  • High but Life is long


    by Japan User(translated)
    I used it with SUPER CUB with Chain cover removed, it is Repeater.Clip joint (It is not light press fitting) It was easy to install.I ran about 3000 km from wearing a new item, but the initial elongation nearly fits at around 1000 km.Unlike non-seal which required lubrication and frequent adjustment each time it rained, it hardly grows as long as initial growth is over.Somewhat skipping Maintenance will not be a problem and Life will not compare with non-seal.As the frequency of exchange will also decrease much, I think that it is perfect for town cars.There are also 420 Seal chains from other companies, but there are more than one color only RK.Since Plating also affects the corrosion resistance of Plate, it would be better if there was a chain cover removed.
  • Sealing chain with Plating


    by Japan User(translated)
    I was looking for Silver plating thing with Seal chain of 420 Size and made it for this.Because it is a choice sale, it was easy to exchange without having to cut it with Chain Tool.Since there is an initial elongation, it is better to adjust the Small first.
  • Since it is 124 cc, inevitably


    by Japan User(translated)
    Color chain is also nice, but in the color shades to Silver.Engine Displacement Volume no problem.As the Touring Main, reliability becomes the most important part of this neighborhood.
  • GP Super Silver Series Chain GP420MRU


    by Japan User(translated)
    I installed it in APE 50. I think that as long as the Size of the Sprocket is not changed to the Large width, it will be attached as it is with tension adjustment without cutting the Chain. It is very pleasant that Chain looks beautiful. I am changing the Sprocket as well, so I do not know honestly the fee Ring of Chain alone.It is certain that it is quieter than Chain which grew before changing.
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