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【A-TECH】Spakbor Belakang (Full Covered)

Harga: Rp2,146,000

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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Model yang Sesuai:

NINJA2 Helmet50RR 08-12

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Ini adalah GP gaya Rear Fender dibentuk untuk menutupi Swing Arm.

Model yang Sesuai

    • NINJA2 Helmet50RR 08-12
  • 3.9

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    It attached to ninja 250, 14 years MODELABS, it repeated processing and wearing, it took 4 days while doing it, installation was completed.
    Cut it, drill a new hole with Drill and shave it again ,,,
    OEMTire, OEMSize but it's fine Limit.
    Size up can not be done.

    [Webike Monitor] Sometimes only call it the
    > Full covered, cover the whole Swing arm, and a Volume appears in the circumference of rear one, It became a Fender less and a conjointly very racy atmosphere! I think that there will be no difficult thing especially if a pure Brake-hose Holder can be taken about
    > attachment. However, the direction which removed the Caliper goes up working efficiency markedly. several mere millimeters can shift [ one / of four holes ] about the error of the
    hole -- it was (I think that there is individual specificity since it is a Handmade). although between ways, such as cleaning and paint application, is taken before wearing since it is premised on paint application -- custom-made -- the bottom -- -- the satisfaction to say could be acquired
    About a Clearance, in 130, if it is an One-size Up although broad BT-39 is worn, there is a Clearance to the extent that it can do calmly again.

    It is a recommend degree five stars in the attachment overly easy ! design highest !.
    Although it sees that if attachment is difficult for the good rear fender of the product made from A-TECH in the writing of a net, the description which requires time is incomprehensible,
    Surely, although the explanation of a description may be insufficient and customization etc. may be moved difficult by an unfamiliar person, since the attachment itself is simple, there is no problem.
    A 10-mm wrench for the tool to be used to remove a chain case, 5, a 6 or 8-mm hexagon wrench (hezagonal wrench),
    They are the pliers for extending brake hose stay, the scissors with which remainder of the stick file (me retouch in an instant by electric drill + DORIRUSO) cable tie for a hole location retouch is cut, etc.
    Even if I, an amateur, actually attach for the first time, attachment is completion in the working hours for 25 minutes.
    I think that the direction which required time is a direction which does not surely have a tool, which is carrying out omission and for which the work procedure is mistaken.
    He recommends for the removed direction to remove a caliper, since workability goes up markedly.
    As for the gap of a hole location said well, one of the two had shifted among one place and two holes for calipers among four attaching.
    although other manufacturers' fender has poor-looking right-hand side even if left-hand side is good -- the product made from A-TECH is right and left -- even if it sees from which, the figure by which the full covered was carried out is filled to the high grade feeling.

    A price also comes out so so, becomes smart, and there is to the mudguard effect, and it has satisfied it very much.
    It became axle part just like a liter vehicle.
    If it becomes swing arm exchange, cost is also uncanny, and I think that the rigidity more than pure is components excellent [ therefore ] without absolute necessity with that car body.
    Moreover, since removal is also easy, it can return downward immediately.
    Since the routine hole was merely shifted, to reopen was required.

    They are the parts which I had attached with a coupon of those days at the time of delivery of cars.
    Since it was hearing the rear inner fender is not attached to Ninja250R from before delivery of cars, the thing of A-tech which is united with the chain cover was chosen.
    Appearance is also solid and, of course, rear suspension does not become dirty, either.
    As for attachment, although I did not necessarily attach, it seemed to be somewhat troublesome to have removed tandem step stay etc.
    Fixation is a hexagon head bolt and a cable tie.
    It seems that it will interfere in no manufacturer's if it is a size of the same 130/70-17 since clearance with a tire is also enough.

    The fender less was used, and it purchased in order to reduce the shabbiness of RIA.
    About appearance, it is dramatically satisfied.
    However, since it is inaccurate and the location of the hole had shifted on the occasion of attachment, what must be deleted by itself was troublesome.
    It is recommended at the person that even appearance should just change.

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