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【KAWASAKI】Emblem Tangki Classic

Harga: Rp330,000

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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    • Nomor Produk:
    • J2012-0005

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Bahan : Aluminium
Tinggi : 25 × Lebar : 190mm


Old Logo KawasakiEmblem yang telah melekat pada Z2 seperti
dengan plakban Double-sided di bagian belakang.
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    It has stuck on 250TR of the white tank.
    It became classic somehow touch.
    After other persons' impression taught and degreasing, when sticking, it was able to stick on the beauty.
    If it bends previously according to the curve of a tank, it can stick on a beauty.

    I purchased it because I did not like the OEMTriumph style Emblem of W650.
    Making details is also good, and adhesion is also high.
    I also considered other Manufacturers, but I think that I was glad I bought this.

    KawasakiTank emblemCLASSIC
    I bought it for the first time in 24 years.
    Since it was stuck on ZEPHYR 400 at that time, I decided to put it on DAEG as well.
    However, since it is slightly different from Image, keep it.
    I want you to sell it not only in White but in another Color

    Purchase Fuel Tank of W800 to paste after custom paint in W3 style. Currently putting Tank in Paint, I have not pasted it yet, but it seems just right for the Large in Fuel Tank of W800. Old car style Design is good, texture is good.

    I installed it in the W650.
    I do not like Emblem of Standard Triumph Momoki, purchase old LogoKAWASAKI. It seems like Han (^^)
    Although I was worried that Tank's Earle was strong, I will fix it firmly. Painting is also beautiful and satisfied. Time to look at Motorcycle has become longer (Lol)

    I am attaching cheap items of the same shape that I purchased at a certain Oakoshi now but when I painted it I tried to change Kawasaki OEM 's Emblem. I do not know but the appearance will not change so the place I am making may be together (Lol)
    Form, Design is Cool.

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