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【BABYFACE】[IDEAL] Engine Slider

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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    • 006-SY007

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Kuantitas : Pasangan (Untuk Kiri dan Kanan)
dasar Warna : Perak, Slider Warna : Hitam


Mesin slider untuk YAMAHA MT-01, untuk melindungi mesin dari jatuh (1 Set (untuk Kiri dan Kanan) )aku s.
Instalasi hanya Bolt-on SliderBase ke Engine Penutup dengan terlampir Bolt, sangat mudah.
Warna Perak anodized untuk pelat Base dan Black untuk Slider.
pipa knalpot, tanketc Minyak. Untuk mobil yang sama yang Kerusakan prihatin dengan bahkan jatuh cahaya, itu adalah item penting.
Silakan gunakan Bingkai Slider dan Set dengan segala cara.


* Ganti mesin penutup baut instalasi.

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  • 3.9

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  • Tulis Ulasan

    After purchase, I replaced it with Engine mount bolt and attached Aluminum Collar, but it was sometimes referred to as Engine Mount, and when I applied the same Torque, I oversized it. Looking closely at Aluminum Collar, Spec. Since it was an Aluminum Collar of a different width,. When I inquired to Manufacturer whether it changed, I was able to send regular parts free of charge because different parts were mixed. Extra fee It was saved because it did not take Gold, I think I did not notice it unless Oversize. I think that I could not protect the water pump if I used it as it was. It was a result.

    I understand why the number of parts is small, why it is so high.
    Engine mount bolt Because I exchange parts, I did not calculate Aluminum Collar if I applied Torque as much as Torque that was tightened, so I turned to Oversize. For the time being, we will ask if you can come out with parts or contact Manufacturer. If you do not go out, you only have to use Chemical

    Mounting to reduce Damage when falling.
    Slider, Guard series are unified with BABYFACE,
    Also purchase this item.
    Design is also good, I think that it also has a role in Dress-up.

    Installation is also very easy.

    WR250X was equipped with the Engine slider of BABYFACE.Although the order Axle Slider was attached at the time of delivery of cars, since he planned to have attacked like crazy from now on, it purchased in order to reduce the damage at the time of a fall.details make -- also being crowded -- it has done finely, and does not protrude too much right and left, the description is also written carefully, and it is very much satisfied.Although the day when this Guard is helpful wants without coming if
    can be carried out ...

    Since he wanted to reduce a fall Risk, it equipped.
    > attachment removes an easy pure Bolt very much, attaches a SLIDER50, and only fastens it with a Bolt. A possibility that it becomes impossible for a clutch case to hit worst self-走 soon at the time of a fall if it has not

    * equipped is high. Although it is in play [
    > ], sense of security increases 1 and by attaching. There is a 抑られる case about the repair cost at the time of 2 and a fall.

    Although it is individual comment, since it is a thing for reducing the damage to a Case, if the Case itself is protected and it excels, the Recommendation of the wearing of a Carbon Case will be carried out together.

    It attached by the breakage prevention at the time of a fall by protection of clutch parts. Since the
    attachment itself only changes and attaches several Bolts, it is easy.
    Yet, since it has not fallen, an effect is not known, but the circumference is protected. If it falls on
    right, it will break in one shot, and since the Arm and Cover of the Clutch protrude downward, the
    DAYTONA will think that it is good for protection of the portion concerned rather than that is right and attaching a secondary Cover.

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