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【DID】KASHIMARU #40 Set Opsional

Harga: Rp894,000

*Termasuk PPN 10%

Nikmati cicilan 0% mulai dari Rp74,500/bulan

Webike Points: 8,940 pts

Shipping point: 5 pts ( 5 pts x 1qty)
DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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    • Nomor Produk:
    • 4525516902038

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Isi Produk
# 40 Seri Pin Rivet / Cutter
# 40 Pemegang Plat Seri
# 40 Seri U Holder


* Tidak mungkin untuk memproses dengan opsi seri # 40 saja. Dimungkinkan untuk digunakan bersama dengan seri # 50.


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    • Universal
  • 3.3

    3 Ulasan

  • 5














  • Tulis Ulasan

    Crimp part of 40 series Crimp & Pin Cutter was damaged during Crimp work of fitting Pin of DID 428 VX

    After all, at my discretion I finished working with 50 Series Crimp pin, but the latest Kashi Maru's instructions did not mention those notes and no notes etc were in Chain purchased

    This product was a disappointing result this time

    Since the work of Chain exchange can be performed briefly,
    convenience of a Chain Cut & Crimp tool is done.

    Since it was occasionally asked for Chain exchange in the motorized Class,
    40 set was prepared. Since
    form hardly changes to 50, it is dramatically user-friendly like the object for 50. Although the direction of others has told about
    > dissatisfaction, is it a box?
    -- putting into a plastic box, since it is an appropriate price --
    -- the kana which he wanted.

    (webike Monitor) It purchased this time [
    ] for three Chains Set exchange of the D tiger 125. (since the Sale was carried out) Since the Chain size is small, this Option Set is [
    smallness displacement volume vehicle ] needed. Although

    Chain exchange is the first, a description is polite, and if it works carefully, I will think that it is satisfactory. the
    work itself -- yet -- it is -- three stars were used.

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