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【DID】KASHIMARU #50 Set Opsional

Harga: Rp1,549,000

*Termasuk PPN 10%

Nikmati cicilan 0% mulai dari Rp129,083/bulan

Webike Points: 15,490 pts

Shipping point: 8 pts ( 8 pts x 1qty)
DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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    • 4525516902045

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Isi Produk
# 50 Seri Pin Rivet / Cutter
# 50 Series Plate Holder
# 50 Seri U Holder
Komunal ke Bolt # 50 / # 40
# 50 / # 40 Pin Pemosisian


Suku Cadang Penggantian


* Namun, set dasar bundar adalah alat khusus untuk memotong dan memaku. Opsi seri # 40 diperlukan untuk potongan ukuran 420, 480.


DID CHAIN CUT & RIVET TOOL Kashimaru-kun, seperti namanya yang unik, memiliki bentuk dan ukuran yang sama sekali berbeda dari alat konvensional, dan tidak hanya dapat memotong rantai segel berukuran besar dengan mudah, tetapi juga sambungan sambungan pelat-tekan-pas dengan ini. satu tubuh. Ini adalah alat maha kuasa yang dapat mengatasi dempul peniti.

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    • Universal
  • 4.4

    60 Ulasan

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  • Tulis Ulasan

    Cain of Chain, press-in of Plate, Crimp of Pin, easy to use without hesitation.
    Working while watching YouTube's commentary video, even the first amateur is easy.

    Unfortunately for the items that arrived at the beginning we did not enter 27 mm tool with defective items returned.
    Wae Big's response was quick and good.
    There was no explanation and no apology on this side for defective items of person in charge of DID,
    The correspondence of the person in charge is the worst..
    I thought the person in charge was that degree.
    On the other hand I would like to model as a teacher.
    Whether the person in charge does not feel that he carries a signboard of the company is questionable.
    As a company as one of many items,
    Whether the customer did not think about the fact that one of the products leads to all the evaluation,
    I doubt it..
    I am making a good product,
    I do not notice that the image of the company as a whole gets worse due to the correspondence of only one person in charge,
    The person in charge wants to work with sense of crisis.

    Chain was exchanged while checking how to use ManufacturerSite video.
    By the way, there was no exchange experience of Crimp formula Chain.

    In the movie, I just pulled out Pin of Chain with just this tool, but it was a bit scary so I scraped my head with Disc Grinder and pulled it out. And then work on the video. Safely exchange completed.

    Although it is hard to understand how far it will be closed up when crimping Pin, I think that there is a sense of security that chooses this choice without choosing cheap items though the goods themselves are solid.

    Because it is rarely used, I think whether it is a bit expensive considering it, but it is more secure than buying a cheap one to fail.

    Since the tool which used before was broken, I bought this.
    Prior things worked with Plike press fitting, Pin 's Crimp measuring the dimensions many times with the Caliper, but I was working with this power, but this product is a bit lucrative when I tighten Bolt lightly There are places to increase. Press fit ? Crimp is done. It was perfect if you measured the dimensions for testing.
    Just work according to the Instruction Manual.

    I was planning to exchange at Shop, but DID's
    I think I can also watch Crimp videos and buy it
    I did Crimp.
    You can fully complete Crimp yourself.
    However, because it is Drive system ChainCrimp
    I was slightly worried, but once I finished working and tried running
    I was relieved to be relieved.

    Hi. I want to share my experience in using the purchased goods - Kashimaru # 50 system DID tools . This is a great tool for removing links from the chain, as well as replacing it with a new one. And the same tool can rivet a new chain. The entire replacement is quick and easy thanks to this tool. I recommend this product. You will not regret buying it.

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