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【KITACO】Spakbor Belakang

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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    • Nomor Produk:
    • 681-1818700

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Model yang Sesuai:

CBR250R (MC41) MC41

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Bahan: Twill Carbon


Belakang adalah Fender Tipe untuk menggantikan fender normal.
Ini menghasilkan rasa Dress-up dari Sporty Gaya.


* Informasi dari produsen.

dress-up !!

Mengetik :

Deskripsi :
hanya pertukaran dengan fender saham. gaya sporty dress-up.

Catatan :
■ twilled karbon

Model yang Sesuai

    • CBR250R (MC41) MC41
  • 3.6

    11 Ulasan

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    OEM's mudguard has gotten pretty white, so I can not stand it, buy it.
    Naturally speaking it is natural, but White became like ___ ___ ___ 0.
    I like the gloss of Twill Carbon.

    Although the Race was carried out in NSF, since many Tire refuses dispersed and entered even in a Carburetor box if normal, it purchased to serve also as the measure.An effect is greatest and there is no invasion of a Tire refuse!A Style is also good, it has escaped well and the portion of the hole which inserts a triangular STAND has no problem.
    It has done finely to finishing of a fine place.If the portion which covers a Chain is short, is a place slightly regrettable in ??Although whether an automobile inspection is cleared has room for improvement since it is a Race at the end of this month --At least, since it is shorter than a NORMAL, for your information, it is ....

    [webike Monitor] It is regrettable only for
    major company Brando's product. In the plastic surgery stage of the
    Wet carbon, the Twist of a product is not cancelable. Although
    attachment was completed, a Clearance did not become uniform to the Tire. I ask you for the

    It is a Rear fender which can dress up the circumference of the Rear tire of a MONKEY in a Sporty. although it also becomes the preventable contamination of the Motorcycle flesh side which is boiled in
    > Dollo and is depended -- the improvement in a Style of appearance --
    -- they are good goods. Wearing will be satisfactorily possible if the
    Tire is normal. Since it is a product made from
    KITACO, by a cinch, it is thought that a Fitting is also reasonable.

    [webike Monitor] This differs in form and that of inside with many NORMAL-shaped things is a Cool. I was surprised with a KITACO having many things near a NORMAL. quality -- truly -- a KITACO -- it is beautiful. since it is a conspicuous portion -- exchange -- we recommend you.

    "I would like to manage the genuine special enlarged fender which was worried from the beginning somehow, and I equipped it. I considered followings; 1. amount-of-money 2 style of 3 Can I return to the original? 4. mudguard performance 5. texture 6. attachment difficulty. 1.Amount of money: It is not cheap. However, there is nothing that can be replaced. 2 styles: Large improvement. It is an exclusive use and the fitting is not in an appropriation products. 3. Can I return to the original? Almost impossible. 4. Mudguard performance: It is inferrior to the genuine. A genuine is not only large, but it was working hard. Since there is winding up, another measure is required. 5 texture: Since it is exclusive, it can equip firmly. There is also no fear of separating. 6 attachment difficulty: It is not easy nor difficult. Glasses, a socket, a hezagonal wrench, and iron cutter are required. It may be difficult without a hezagonal wrench. An order in an instruction manual is not easy to understand, but if I do in an order from the possible place, it will be completed. If an amateur do slowly, it can be certainly done. A style improves substantially. Although the mudguard performance falls, it is satisfied."

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