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【KOMINE】SK-600 Pelindung Dada

Harga: Rp1,716,000

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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    • 04-600

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Warna : Hitam
Ukuran : Bebas
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Warna : Hitam
Ukuran : Bebas
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  • It was with me being in the school


    by Japan User(translated)
    There are many Riding jackets, but this is the only thing that Chest Protector is huge here【Fit feeling】 It's not very good, but rather this is good, the wind comes in and it's cool【Quality Texture】 Protector in the back and chest is cheeky with plastic and shoulder Protector is high quality【Performance function】 It is nice to fix Buckle! Easy detachment! SK-676 was troublesome with Magic tape and Fastener[Protection] You will understand if you see it!【Cost performance】 I will draw 7043 yen a step, but for safety!
  • Safe and secure at low cost


    by Japan User(translated)
    I liked it because I wore it at the school and I bought it.Just as it looks it is a peculiar defense performance.I have a real sense of security that I can recommend to my family and friends.On the other hand, the feeling of Fit feeling is the worst, it feels like wearing kendo armor.The thickness (There is a space for shock reduction between hard exterior and soft interior) I also feel cramped.Sometimes I feel dissatisfied in a small place such as sometimes get caught on the shoulder part when wearing from the top.But it is safe.Only protection performance is genuine..The strongest Protector that pursued safety only by ignoring all of Design and wearing feeling, I think whether it can be reputed.
  • Together with you (Lol)


    by Japan User(translated)
    Purchase wish to wear under Off-roadJersey of Pelappera wearing summer.shoulder / breast / The spinal cord can be protected tightly and the neck is not tight, easy to wear.There is no hesitation in being protected.There is Impression aside as anxiety, but Leather suit for use in Race and Pad are not entered aside, and even if you wear Protector under the tie, it is like a tortoise shell, and it seems that there is no problem with armpits.However, since the construction of Protector is dirty and slightly Large, I bought Jersey a little large-scale, but it's hard to get Jersey from the top. (It is hard to remove... )Installation of Protector Single Body is easy, but this is also quite difficult to take off (;'Д`ASince the back and front Protector shapes are almost same, I do the same thing as getting to the back of the Shirt which will occasionally do the bath rise (^ ^ ;;Breathability seems not to be high, so the breasts seem to be steaming for a while (;'Д` ABecause things are solid, can not we prevent injury as it is.While I go running I will not take off and wear it repeatedly so I will use it for everything as safe.
  • There is a good part and a part not so


    by Japan User(translated)
    I was worried whether to buy Jacket for summer, but in the summer of 35 ° C over recent years, Protector is more effective for traveling forest road occasionally.Points that can be evaluated :* Shoulder - Parts of upper arm disengage & position adjustment (2 steps) Can* Shoulder Belt, Belt Belt, Upper Arm can be adjusted.* Chest - Protection strength of the back seems sufficient (It is not a fall test).Unacceptable points :* There is no Guard in the side part* There is no Protection in the flank Belt buckle part (There is a possibility that Buckle may dig into when falling)* Chest - Short length of back (Because there is only a navel, at least the back can be a little longer?.Considering the above points, anxiety factor remains as Protector (The length is somehow at the waist Belt, but I can not do anything aside).Also, although this is Free Size, it is enough for me to metabolic, so it is too large for general people, so careful attention is required for Size selection (It will be around Waist 85 even if you set the flank Belt to the shortest).
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