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【DRC】Saklar Tekanan Oli Rem Tipe Banjo MOTOLED

Harga: Rp643,000

*Termasuk PPN 10%

Nikmati cicilan 0% mulai dari Rp53,583/bulan

Webike Points: 6,430 pts

Shipping point: 1.2 pts ( 1.2 pts x 1qty)
DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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Bahan : Aluminium
Ukuran : Diameter Sekrup M10
Tipe Banjo


* Gambar hanya untuk referensi. Gambar yang ditampilkan mungkin berbeda dari produk yang sebenarnya.


*There may be changes in product specifications due to manufacturer reasons.Please note.


Sakelar rem sensor hidrolik untuk silinder master balap model kompetisi dll.
Bodi aluminiumnya yang ringkas mengurangi berat secara signifikan.
Dibandingkan dengan jenis sekrup, ini akan menghemat ruang karena kuantitas proyeksi berkurang.
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    OEM Switch failed, Repair Parts was unavailable at the end of sale, so it was not possible to divert from other models, so purchase (It is cheaper than purchasing a complete set of master Cylinder due to Switch Only fault). For Case like Case Lame Le box, Switch Body as well as simple installation Instruction Manual (Japanese English Version) , Bolt, Washer, Wiring members are included, and what they buy is about Fluid.
    SwitchBody is also quite well done. For the Universal Product or the supplied Aluminum washer is thick (about 1. 5 mm), because Bolt's Length was exhausted, it was installed using OEMBolt and OEMCopper Washer.
    In operation test, since it operates with hydraulic pressure as a switch, the operating point is deeper than Mechanical, and it got turned on when it grasped more, but the function as Switch is sufficient.
    However, the biggest problem is that it is necessary to send extra Fluids to operate the Switch, or that Lever has to grasp to the extent that Lever comes in contact with the Grip (Piston has grown, and Lever 's remaining balance is gone). In spite of sufficient air bleeding, it became Sponge.. Since it is extremely dangerous, it has stopped using it without actually running.
    Unlike Mechanical in the case of hydraulic type, Fluid is necessary to operate the Switch, and it was necessary to take countermeasures such as increasing the Piston diameter of the master cylinder to Large for installation. I think that should be clearly stated in the installation Instruction Manual, although it is understandable if you think carefully.
    Ultimately, it is regrettable that it is very dangerous if the Switch fails and can not pass the vehicle inspection, so it was decided to divert MASTERCylinder suite from other models or to replace it with Other Company Product.
    This product is "Competition modeletc. RACING for Master Cylinder "Universal Product, which does not have problems with the functions of the product itself, but for reference to those who are planning to purchase.

    The making itself is Compact, but it surprisingly protrudes to the outside.
    Because Harness can not be detached and fixed in position, it is easy to rebuild because Harness got stuck just because it got caught lightly on Off-road and so on.
    It is also the fate of the hydraulic switch, but BrakeTouch also gets worse.
    It looks good for luxury, but Aluminum's Banjo bolt broke when it closed with the prescribed Torque for the second time.
    Again, I think that hydraulic Switch uses Bolt type for Rear and Front somehow install Mechanical.
    I think that there is no problem with use on On road.

    For the first impulse of this hand, I will add a Minus rating.
    There is a similar product made by PLOT in the Large Merchandise store, but I feel I understood its meaning.
    First, impressions on opening.
    "Making is complicated" "Packing is also complicated"
    Banjo department? The surface has Wound, there is irregularity, it did not look like it can be used as it is, but believe in Manufacturer, wearing. As a result, it leaked out.
    Exchange Washer (Aluminum, copper) I tried it, but it still leaked out.
    With Oil stone, it is 30 minutes to level, finally to be able to withstand practical use.
    Result ... time taken for crashable Washer 18 pieces, scattered Fluid (Crying) If I think about it, I should obviously buy a PLOT made.
    (Of course it is a story that they will break in about a year ...?)
    There is no problem at the moment for Switch operation etc.. Durability is unknown, but if you break it I would like to buy another product.
    It looks amazing. I like it more than PLOT. Also, the included Banjo bolt is cool (Lol)

    I bought it because my OEM hydraulic switch dropped dead.

    The hydraulic switch itself is compact and doesn't take much space when its mounted.
    The screws included are made from aluminum and are light weight, but they're too long to use so I used the stainless steel screws that I was originally using.
    It would be much better if the hole for the wire lock was a little shorter.

    When I used the washer included, the fluid wouldn't stop leaking so I had to use the original one. It might have just happened to be a misfit.
    But it made me disappointed.

    There are no activating problems and I like the style.

    As for the rest, durability maybe a concern.

    I made a comparison examination with mechanical switches, but they were too expensive and most of them have to have switches adjusted when the lever is relocated. Also connections are exposed and it makes them look cheap. That's why I chose a hydraulic switch.
    It was easy for me to replace the whole thing and degas it than to go through regulations.

    I did have a little hassle when mounting but altogether happy that I chose this one.

    [Webike Monitor] The pure Stop switch attached the Back step made from the
    > Clipping point, and since it was not able to carry out
    , it purchased this Switch. Since it is attached beside
    >, a place is OK also in a narrow place. Since also making
    becomes brave, a Banjo bolt, a Gasket, and the plug Set of wiring are also attached and it
    Is, it is the highest.

    When it changed into a radial pump, the Pressure switch became obstructive, but this Switch did not become obstructive but was saved.

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