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【KIJIMA】Gembok Helm

Harga: Rp256,000

*Termasuk PPN 10%
Harga Normal: Rp275,000 7% |
Webike Points: 2,560 pts

Shipping point: 4 pts ( 4 pts x 1qty)
DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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    • Nomor Produk:
    • 303-1531

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Gembok Helm
Baut M6



Pasang dengan sekrup M6. Proses diperlukan.


* Produk ini tidak dapat digunakan dengan KIJIMA Parts Number # 303-151A, 303-1512, 303-1513, 303-151.
* Foto produk berisi produk lain.

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    • Universal
  • 4.2

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    This helmet lock is simply an essential addition to my bike. The fit to the bike is great and it was a simple job to install. The lock is sturdy enough to do it’s job and is well made. Japan webike got the lock to me in Australia in good condition and before the estimated arrival date. Very happy!

    I heard that there is no Helmet holder in the car body because it is easy to be stolen in Europe, but since it is inconvenient in Japan, it is essential that after-sale is necessary.

    I also worried about Babyface's goods, but the key is only released ? Because lock felt that KIJIMA of Key less seemed to be convenient for rock, I did it here.

    Tandem Footpeg ? Removing both of the lock Plus screw ? Because it is a structure that is easy to destroy, I can not overstage, but it is enough if it is temporary use at the Touring destination.

    this is qulity very good! fast delivery. Now I can save my helmet. In the meantime, I always put my helmet on the seat. Thank you.

    I was tired of not having any were to lock my helmet. I have a 2018 Suzuki gsxs1000f it didn’t come with a helmet lock. I bought this very easy to install comes with spare key.It works great now I don’t have to carry my helmet around everywhere.I just lock it on the bike and I’m done .graet product, great quality product.

    This lock was attached to YZF bought in second hand,
    The feeling of use was OK as it was OK,
    I also bought it for V Strom.

    Since the thing I ordered arrived, I thought that it was installed right away ....
    The size of Screw for mounting on the car body is different (Small was something)
    I could not install it.

    Well, as much as Screw will become,
    Because it was a problem before attaching to the drifting stone ...

    Originally it does not have a Helmet holder, so when you go out you put it in the Pannier case or you had to prevent the theft with Wire lock, but after installation you can lock it easily so I think that it is a high product of COSPA.
    However, when removing Bolt, it is fixed with an adhesive that is not loosened, so be careful not to lick it.

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