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【NTB】Filter Oli

Harga: Rp134,000

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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    • Nomor Produk:
    • YO-2003

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[Kuantitas] 1 pc.
[Nomor Suku Cadang OEM Sesuai] 4X7-13440-90


Nomor bagian OEM yang sesuai : 4X7-13440-90
Pastikan untuk memeriksa detail produk denganhalaman web NTB.


Perpanjang umur motor kesayangan Anda dengan filter yang sangat baik!

Model yang Sesuai

  • 4.3

    111 Ulasan

  • 5














  • Tulis Ulasan

    Element exchange effect difference is not understood by experience, but Cartridge Type exchanging only the contents of this type always purchased Packing separately. I do not want to absolutely reuse, this product with attached attachment is glad. I think I will buy it again. Cartridge Type for 4 wheels comes with Packing attachment, but for 2 wheels there are many products not included. Since it is an ordinary Packing changing, it is good to be accompanied by other products as well.

    Size of Large Yu Packing does not match, the attached is too small. I am replacing the Filter many times, but although it should be purchasing what was written for SRX 250 F 51 Y, it is not compatible. I have been using some old Packing many times so I am getting a bit dull.
    I'm sorry but I do not know why Large is not fit.
    Perhaps if it matches the Second Type Model.

    It is good to save the trouble of separately asking for O Ring when exchanging Filter.
    Although I do not feel the necessity of O-ring exchange every time in the first place,
    I exchange it.
    Well, I do not know the difference between OEM and Oil, the Oil performance will be Large thing more than that.

    Well not as good as Cospa as a Maintenance event once in a base year.

    Along with Oil exchange of GB 250 CLUBMAN, this time I tried the NTB Oil Filter. It is the deciding factor of purchase that O-ring comes with it. I still do not understand the performance. When replacing the Filter next time I think that the condition of dirt can be compared with other products.

    I tried using it because it was a listen career. Since it is not a product that can perceive a change in performance in particular, is it about a sense of security?. I think that performance as Filter is no problem.

    I bought it for KSR 110, but I could not use it because the size of the attached O-ring is a little smaller.

    Filter could be installed without problems.

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