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【GIVI】Box Monokey Seri TREKKER

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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[Kapasitas : 52L]
Maksimum Berat Membawa : 10kg
Bahan : PP (Tubuh) / Aluminium (Lid Permukaan Atas)
Berat badan : sekitar 5. 2kg
Ukuran : Kedalaman × Lebar × Tinggi 460x600x315mm


TREKKERSeriesDebut. Desain menggunakan bagian Aluminium yang kuat dan tak kenal takut.

Memasukkan kunci ke dalam silinder Key.kunci yang tepat (3 arah jam) Berubah menjadi.Silahkan tekan tombol elips Merah di bagian atas silinder Key."PRESS" Flap ditulis keluar.
Kuncinya dimasukkan dan kuncinya adalah Kanan (3 arah jam) Silakan periksa apakah itu berpaling ke.Jika kuncinya adalah Kanan (3 arah jam) Dalam keadaan beralih ke, "PRESS" Di sisi atas tanda segitiga ditulis sebagai (★ mark) Silahkan dikurung sambil menekan daerah dan mengunci.Jika Anda dapat mengunci tutupnya, tekan tombol Kiri (Direction pukul 12) Beralih ke kunci Buttons. Anda dapat mencabut kunci dalam keadaan ini, dan jika semua Tombol terkunci, Anda tidak dapat membuka atau menutup tutupnya. Setelah ini, pastikan untuk mengangkat tutupnya sedikit lebih kuat untuk memastikan bahwa itu terkunci dengan aman.
Anda tidak dapat membuka bahkan dengan menekan RedButton pada silinder Key (Flap tidak terbuka) Dalam hal RedButton ditarik kembali ke belakang (Flap negara semi-terkunci) Telah menjadi. Dalam hal ini, silakan melepaskan dengan prosedur berikut.900_lock_1900_lock_2
Mengepakkan Bagaimana untuk melepaskan negara semi-terkunci
Flap tidak terkunci di Flap negara semi-terkunci. Ada resistensi tapi tolong tarik kuat dan membuka tutupnya.Flap dari bagian kunci akan keluar saat melepas tutupnya.Harap mengalahkan bagian Flap di belakang.Flap kembali ke posisi tetap dan flap setengah negara kunci dapat dibatalkan.
Dengan Babi atas terbuka, menyelaraskan Kasus untuk Base, memegang Basis dengan Tangan Kiri, dan mengunci bagian bawah Kasus dari atas dengan tangan kanan.
Khusus untuk Tipe Kecil mobil dll. , Suspensi belakang begitu lembut bahwa hal itu mungkin sulit untuk mengunci aman hanya dengan memegangnya dari atas, jadi pastikan untuk melampirkan cara ini.
Bagaimana untuk melepaskan keadaan terkunci ke Base
Silakan mengunci Kasus ke Base, pastikan untuk menarik Kasus ke atas untuk memeriksa status kunci. Sebagai metode konfirmasi, tahan tombol penghapusan Kasus di sisi bawah silinder kunci, dan pada saat itu negara di mana Button ditarik sekitar 6 mm di belakang dalam keadaan normal (Base semi-terkunci negara) Jika, Case tidak terkunci dengan baik ke Base. Untuk melepaskan ini, mendorong Removal Tombol Kasus lagi kuat, menghapus Kasus dari Base dan pastikan untuk menginstal lagi.
Ketika Anda menekan tombol, itu dibandingkan dengan negara kunci normal "Sekitar 6 mm" Saya akan mundur di belakang.


* Dalam pertimbangan pengendalian, DAYTONA Kasus di bawah 3kg / per kasus direkomendasikan untuk digunakan.
* Jangan membebani.
* Produk Unpainted tidak dipoles.
* Aluminium tutup mungkin memiliki jejak mesin.
* Karena ukuran helm, helm mungkin tidak cocok.
*Nomor produk. / harga / spesifikasi bisa berubah tanpa pemberitahuan.

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    Installation : The model is XL 700 V (TRANSALP) Mount installation is probably only about 2 to 3 hours if this Top case alone. Since it was necessary for me to remove Fide for Side case, it is about half a day. If you do according to instruction manual there will be no mistakes. Installation of the Top case is made by other Manufacturer (Krauser) It is a bit harder than hang is needed compared to.
    function : It is convenient to open only a part of the upper cover when it is a bit of shopping or when it is raining. Just, the upper pig's Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) It is a bit annoying that there is an auxiliary lock on the.
    shape : The Krauser I used before was a round design, so the loading of the inside was bad, but this TREKKER is close to a rectangular parallelepiped and the storage is happy. It is as expected as this was the reason for choice.
    Disadvantage : Although it is not due to this TREKKER, Same number key can not be used because the key type is different from GIVI E 21 used for Side case. I hope the new and old Key type can be replaced. Silver (Aluminum exterior) Easy to scratch ? Because there is a dent, people who care about that may be better to choose Black. In the case of me, I also added Metal rack to protect the Aluminum armor on the top.

    Installation accuracy and texture are truly Italian. (Plastic shavings were contained in it www)
    Whether it is not familiar at the beginning or not, we need power without being attached to the carrier. (Although it will not come off when locked)
    Pass one night's luggage and day souvenirs and souvenirs of Large quantity at the destination, take it away from the carrier and get it like Suitcase, so it's a good trip.
    Usability is satisfactory as it can also be used as Top case or Side case.

    If you install it more than you thought, it is Large, but it's convenient as anything can be thrown in.
    If Helmet is also empty, it is affordable Quantity : 2pc. Set storage (us Jet only so JetQuantity : 2pc. Set)
    There is no running with putting heavy objects, but there is nothing to wander in particular. (Actual feeling only)

    Well, well, it's expensive w

    At first I thought that Large was too good, but it is very convenient to use.
    Since the direction of the key is fixed, it may be more convenient if it is designed to get stuck upside down.

    CRF 1000 L, purchased as Top box of Africa Twin.

    Aluminum Box is a standard in AdventureMotorcycle, but it seems a little lonely if only Top box is to be seen if it is full Pannier, though all are high in height, the center of gravity becomes high and the stability feeling is impaired and full Pannier looks good.

    It is low in height and it is a part of material with so much capacity : We also made this TRK 33 which will also be Aluminum, Top box or Side case. I chose Black because Color likes tightened feeling.

    Partial opening of the lid makes it handy when taking out Small objects or using it as a Side case.

    Weight is about 5 kg, so we do not feel heavy. Because I think that scratches are conspicuous in Black, I care about treatment.

    I do not see this Box so much, so I have pretty much a sense of superiority.

    There is no problem with the function, but there was a bit BALI so quality - Four textures are ☆.

    There are also new ones, but I have a lot of power to put on MonokeyPlate.

    AllAluminum Box is tough to carry, but since it has a handle here, you can carry it at a short distance.

    Speaking of Case, GIVI, Design and functions are certain. It is very useful at a good Large price at Touring 1 night.

    It took less than 2 months to arrive the base rack, so it is still unused for long distance Two, but capacity is enough even at accommodation tournament !!
    Helmet is Quantity : 2pc. Set Fit in room.
    It may be too large for normal two.

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