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【SP Takegawa】Setelan Kabel Rem (Diameter Besar)

Harga: Rp252,000

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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    • 02-01-0058

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Model yang Sesuai:


MONKEY125 (JB02-1000001-)

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Warna: Red/Blue
Untuk Handle Rem/Kopling OEM dengan Setelan Kabel Masing-Masing
SP TAKEGAWA Handle Rem/Untuk Handle Kopling dengan Setelan Kabel Lihat lebih lanjut

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Warna: Red/Blue
Untuk Handle Rem/Kopling OEM dengan Setelan Kabel Masing-Masing
SP TAKEGAWA Handle Rem/Untuk Handle Kopling dengan Setelan Kabel


Anda dapat dengan mudah berdandan kendaraan Anda dengan bertukar tuas rem atau adjuster kabel pada tuas kopling dengan produk ini.
Dalam rangka meningkatkan kegunaan, dengan memiliki lebar pada baut dan tombol kacang, dapat dengan mudah disesuaikan.
Jumlah penyesuaian kabel hampir sama dengan salah satu dari masing-masing produsen.
Produk ini mesin aluminium dan warna anodized.
Anda dapat memilih warna dari 5 jenis : kedua mur dan baut adalah perak, hitam, merah atau biru atau kombinasi baut merah dan kacang biru.
Silahkan pilih warna tergantung pada gaya kendaraan Anda.


* Hal ini untuk tuas rem dengan adjuster kabel dan tuas kopling.

Model yang Sesuai

    • Universal
    • MONKEY125 (JB02-1000001-)
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  • Perfect cable adjuster


    by Proud owner
    This cable adjuster from Takegawa is very nice. I like that it's big and chunky. It looks great and it's flawlessly made with hi quality rock hard aluminium alloy, so it will stay perfect forever.
  • top quality product.


    by vob
    Nicely made clutch cable adjuster,workmanship and anodizing are perfect. Fit very well on my msx 125,almost half the weight of the stock adjuster(8grams vs 14grams). happy with the purchase.
  • Although there is no need for replacement


    by Japan User(translated)
    It's a place to enter sight and as you order other parts.It is not a part to adjust frequently, so operability is better than Blue alumite.
  • gorgeous for the price. easy to adjust


    by NO NAME
    A perfect fit for the W650 W800. It's very light and bigger than the OEM adjuster which is a generic steel. The OEM adjuster was very difficult to turn by hand, and often got stuck and I had to resort to using pliers. This new aluminum adjuster is so easy to turn and so far, it hasn't got stuck once. Installation is a bit difficult since you need to remove the clutch cable on both ends which is quite a hassle for a W800.
  • SimpleCustom ongoing!


    by Japan User(translated)
    【What made you decide the purchase?】This time, Nisshin to your favorite car Grom : By mounting the Brake master cylinder kit, I tried PetitCustom on the Clutch side.【How was it actually used?】Takegawa : Fat Type Cable Adjuster(Black / Black) Dress-up feeling up! Practicality is easy to adjust because the width of the Knob part of Bolt and Nut is given a breadth. In addition, after the exchange, there is a casual appeal feeling with the existence of TakegawaLogo!【Mounting was difficult?】There is no processing and it is a pon attachment.【Please tell me the installation point and hang】When exchanging work through Clutch Wire, remove Right Side Cover, loosen the Clutch Wire fixed part of the Engine side and remove the nail. Hook the clutch lever and secure the Lever to the bracket. After that, I hook the Wire's claw to Clutch on the Engine side. Since we are diverting NSR 250 OEMBracket, we fine-adjust Clutch Wire position from the existing state, and Takegawa : Adjust Clutch with Fat Type Cable Adjuster and finish. In addition, Clutch adjustment - - - Coordinate roughly on the Engine side, finally Takegawa : Fine adjustment with Fat Type Cable Adjuster. Clutch's connection - There is also personal preference for play, so please adjust it wherever you are convinced.[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]It is Takegawa product!. There was no disappointment!【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]There are no discontent points! Please continue to develop good products from now on.【Have you compared items?】Takegawa : Compared with Color selection of Fat Type Cable Adjuster, it is not compared with other company's products! Before purchase Takegawa : I decided to Fat Type Cable Adjuster![Others]This time, NSR250OEMBracket was diverted and installed. Small technique worked, if the viewer saw it, " - - Somewhat different - - - I want to PetitCustom with feeling like. Also Custom will collapse Balance will collapse. With Simple Image "I understand if I see the viewer!" I would like to Customize to Large things.
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