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【KIJIMA】Pelindung Mesin

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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Warna: Black
Jumlah: Sepasang (untuk Kiri dan Kanan)

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    I am extremely happy to purchase this product. The black powder coating is the exact match to the original chassis and motorcycle frame and it looks like an extension and seamless chassis. The bolt/screw is a matching chrome to the rest of the engine. It would be perfect if the manufacturer provides a small piece of rubber insulator for the clamp/bolt area to avoid scratches and good grip

    We installed them as insurance for gobo. Very easy to wear. When removing Engine fixed Nut, Engine may fall off depending on the model, but there was no problem at all. Motorcycle itself is light so I do not think it will be beat down, but as an insurance. This Parts, maybe there is too little presence.

    It's surprisingly Compact, it is not noticeable like a train car, it may look like it is attached at De Fault. Also, I can not see it so crappy.

    I bought these and really like them for my NC700X. But when it comes time to adjust the valves you have to remove the right Ubolt to remove plastic plug so you can align timing marks. The Ubolt is stainless steel and without lubricant it galls and doesn't let the nut unthread so the thing twists off. In USA and I can't get more ubolts or don't know how to contact KIJIMA.

    Before this, unwillingly, they were mossed. (When I was going out for a tour with my mother behind him) Because there is Clearance, there is no foot caught, Motorcycle Body - It was intact with passengers. (Lever bent when the degree of Cover is small, but this time it has no problem at all)
    When installing Center Stand, Jack-up and installed. tool (Including Torque wrench) Even arranging just fine enough to put the gold, but the installation was made easily by one person alone. (Because I wanted to install myself merely because it was not a security part, it was lol)
    Although it was stated to remove Color that supports Horn's circuit in the Instruction Manual, it was possible to install by removing the Assembly which supports Horn.

    Easy to install with Bolt-on.
    Although I had the opportunity to try out Guard's performance the other day (Lol) , 0 after falling. There is no bend in the extent that Pipe got crackled about 5 m on a sliding race.
    Of course, Engine is intact.
    I also use it for Foot Rest when Long touring.
    One disadvantage is that if you bank too hard for a solid Guard you will touch the road surface.
    Even myself who is not the one who knocks down was trying to run the mountain road comfortably for a while.
    I think that it is not suitable for those who run Race ish.

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