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【XPD】XPS012 X-ZERO R Shoes

Harga: Rp4,772,000

*Termasuk PPN 10%
Webike Points: 47,720 pts

Shipping point: 17 pts ( 17 pts x 1qty)
DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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    • XPS012990046

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Warna : Hitam


Standar Peralatan untuk Dua Slider dan bersinar di STREET sepatu SportsStyleRiding

Bahan : serat mikro (Kulit sintetis) Luar

· 3DInnerMesh kapal
· RubberSlider
· Shift pad
Dampak struktur penyerapan Protector (Tumit)
· Reflector

putih / Warna : Merah : 38 (23. 5cm) -45 (28. 5cm)
Fluo Lampu Hijau : 40 (25. 0cm) -45 (28. 5cm)
kamuflase : 40 (25. 0cm) -45 (28. 5cm)
Hitam : 38 (23. 5cm) -46 (29. 5cm)

· Toe slider (Hitam) : XPP003


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  • Beyond expectation, even under expectation


    by Japan User(translated)
    Purchasing with Design and expecting coolness for summer.I was expecting breathability, but I felt it hardly felt, I felt the air escaped from my heels without a heart. So, I think that people who are seeking coolness can not meet their demand.The feeling I wear is that the whole leg is fixed properly, Protector also has a sense of security.It's fairly solid so your Shift change is easy and it's better than I expected it will not hurt your feet even if you are driving for a long time. Also, light points are also good.Even though there is Hold feeling and Protector. Since it is not Solidly overall, there is not much sense of incongruity in walking around at the Touring destination.Design has points as expected, but there are also points of dissatisfaction.I purchased White & Red, but I feel that the inner side is not White & Red but Black!.Of course, I had understood and understood the photograph beforehand, but I wanted the inside also to be White & Red.Also, it seems that the point you see from the front is too rough, or nothing is too lonesome.The part I expected was less than expectation, but the part I did not expect much was better than I expected.However, as a whole I have not found any point of discontent, so it was never a bad shopping.
  • The color of the product photograph and the real thing are completely different


    by Japan User(translated)
    I went to a store in a nearby shop but I did not have the same color and bought it with Net.I bought Fluo Orange, but I was shocked at seeing the goods I received.Product photos look slightly chic Orange close to Brown,The real thing is Glaringly's fluorescent Orange.Although it may be unavoidable because it is difficult for fluorescent color to appear in the picture,It was truly different from the actual thing and it got dented.Design itself is good and I bought it with a gold amount that is not cheap at allI will keep on tackling until I fade away.Can you fade away?
  • Second foot, I like it very much.


    by Japan User(translated)
    The first pair used for 2 years, the appearance is not problem at all, but as the inside got stiff and my legs started to move, purchase decision. My feet are wide wide, flat feet?, Size is usually 26. 5, but because XPD is a little smear, 27. 5 (43) I have selected. With slightly thick socks Just fit! Because the part of the instep is flat, it is easy to operate the shift, the Sole is also hardened, Brake is easy to step on. I worried about Color, but the outstanding degree is outstanding!
  • It was first Shoes, but it feels good


    by Japan User(translated)
    I have been wearing the company's X-ONE all the year until now, but as the temperature rose, Boots steamed and it was uncomfortable. So I found XPO Shoes looking for light Shoes. The criteria for choosing Shoes are as follows, without a string so as not to get caught on Pedal, there is a Guard for Change Pedal on the instep part, still better if there is a Side zipper so that it is easy to wear【Items】- Compared to the X - ONE we've worn so far, Toe slider has changed from Gold genus to plaque and Buckle was attached to the ankle part. Other than that it includes almost the same design- X-ONE is 27. I was wearing a size of 5 cm, but sometimes I lost one I lowered Size 26. I chose 5 cm.. Since the foot width was not so thick it was possible to wear without problems, but if it is a thick eye Large texture is better than usual Size- The Magic tape part in SIDE is short and not easy to use. Even if it is so short it would not have been necessary ... ( - ω - `)【Driving】- Quickly the first Ride. Although it is a brand new and it is hard, it is hard to move legs, but every time you change GEAR, every time you hit a Rear brake, Buckle gets caught in an ankle and cares- It became easier to wear with familiar with Large footing by using it for running about ten times, but as usual Buckle is anxious. In the first place, this Buckle is short, even if it is fixed at the extreme end, the ankle is hard. It is annoying because the ankle does not stabilize on the contrary though it removed by removing it- The foot steering was alleviated compared to X-ONE which hid up to the half of the shin, but exhaust heat from the motorcycle got to hit it accordingly. Still it is Large larger than Steam[Others]- Because it is synthetic leather, creases are formed when wearing, it will not become taste and it will become a trace as it is so bad- Just as the shapes of X-ONE and Sole are the same, we are concerned about peeling of Sole, which is characteristic of XPD
  • Good!


    by Japan User(translated)
    When ordering, I was concerned about Size but it was usually 27 centimeters 27. It was nice to have chosen 5 cm. 26. I think that it was Large strange when putting legs if it is 5 cm. It is light weight and very easy to walk.
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