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【KITACO】Satu Set Per Kopling Heavy Duty

Harga: Rp290,000

*Termasuk PPN 10%
Webike Points: 2,900 pts

Shipping point: 3.2 pts ( 3.2 pts x 1qty)
DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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    • Nomor Produk:
    • 307-1432600

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Model yang Sesuai:

GROM (MSX125) All models of JC61

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Jumlah: 1 Set 6pcs.


* Harap gunakan pegas yang diperkuat di mana baut M6 x 20 lewat saat menggunakan tiga pegas penguatan dan kombinasi pegas STD.


[Ini mengurangi selip kopling dan mengirimkan tenaga!]
Ini adalah pegas kopling tipe bertulang yang kira-kira 60% lebih tinggi dari pegas kopling normal. Ini mencegah selip kopling dan memungkinkan kerja kopling mulus dengan lebih sedikit kendur.
Selain itu, dimungkinkan untuk membuatnya sekitar 30% dengan menggunakan bersama dengan 3 pegas standar.

Model yang Sesuai

    • GROM (MSX125) All models of JC61
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    Good item,cheap then any shop,good for pickup,racing in town sometimes,berbaloi la beli dekat sini,sapa nk beli buat acc webike,paypal suroh kwn bayar

    I changed from Standard Clutch Spring 4 pieces to KITACO's Reinforced Clutch Spring.
    There may be a fault of Normal spring, but it is longer than Spring removed ? The hardness was quite different.
    Because it becomes 6 from Ring Ring 4, the feeling of grasping the Clutch lever becomes considerably hard.
    It is feeling that sky KICK times when KICK was concerned decreased.
    Let's clean the dirty OilScreen at the same time.
    Also, do not forget to prepare Gasket as we will remove Clutch cover!

    Taiwan's TFC zero parts installed in TIGRA Small diameter Clutch (φ110) Since he was in prototype with Clutch of ADDRESS V 100 series, I got KITACO 's Clutch Spring for even higher meat rotation number.

    As a result, as it aimed, it became feeling that it blows up all at once to the full opening half Clutch by Zero start acceleration.
    Clutch in 5000 rpm
    Full opening half Clutch 9000 rpm,
    Clutch meat to 9000 rpm to 10000 rpm

    【Comparison of Clutch Spring】
    Small diameter TFC zero parts of Taiwan Clutch
    Line diameter φ1. 86 Volume external diameter φ 10. 73 Number of turns 5 Free length 24. 0mm

    KITACO Reinforcement SpringSET product code : 307-2400100
    Wire diameter φ 2. 02 Volume outside diameter φ 10. 91 turns 4 winding free length 23. 9mm

    Clos of φ 125 of TIGRA 125 of Stock was felt very heavy, and it was replaced with a reinforced product of φ 125 series Other Brand Product.
    Zero There is a tendency for Engine rotation speed to decrease in the second half of Clutch when starting acceleration, 6000 rpm
    In the following, because of the Engine characteristic with weak rotational upward force, I felt the Large time lag in acceleration.
    As countermeasures, we had taken measures to replace Clutch Spring with things of higher revolution type.
    (It was stunned by Clutch Shoe, which is wastefully seen in the Clutch Spring replacement. )
    However, as the rotation speed connected to Clutch increased, I felt a wait from Idling to that rotation number, and judged that the inertial mass of Clutch itself should be reduced.

    [Replacing Small Diameter Clutch]
    In the 2 st 100 cc such as ADDRESS V100 and LEAD 100, everyone was a Clutch of φ 110 series.
    Since we have products in the direction to reduce weight by converting Clutch of φ 125 to the one of φ 110 for recent PCX etc., we tried to adopt the same Approach.
    I found Taiwan's TFC zero four parts Small diameter Clutch (φ110) I happened to find something for KYMCO G6 and installed it as being compatible with GY 6 line of TIGRA.

    Clutch in 4500 rpm,
    Full opening half Clutch 8000 rpm,
    Clutch meat to 9000 rpm to 10000 rpm
    Rotational rise from around 6000 rpm exceeded a little faster, but it still seems to be 0 when turning from 4500 rpm in half Clutch state to 8000 rpm. It felt like Iraq coming to a sense of toughness about 5 seconds.

    Small diameter TFC zero parts of Taiwan Clutch (φ110) I have GY 6 in Lineup so I think TIGRA may be troublesome if I use this.
    Of course Real's for PCXSmall diameter Clutch (φ110) But I think it's good..

    I am using it on GROM.
    Though KITACO made is solid compared with Takegawa, three seems to be enough.
    If it is still unsatisfactory, there are 6 pieces, but if you use 6 pieces with KITACO there is a possibility that the holding plate will be broken, so if you use 6 items, recommend purchasing a separately purchased reinforced holding plate.
    Recommendation of three mounting positions to three places where Bolt is sewn.
    Although it is impressions after use, although it did not proceed even if cutting halfway Clutch while stopping up until now, if you do not cut clich by inserting Reinforced Spring it is enough to advance forward.

    Three in GROM think that it is enough. Funafuna Clutch lever becomes the feel of Clutch of motorcycle class and the connection is also connected. When half-club is coming halfway, the car body shakes and it tries to connect even now. Because there is a possibility that OEMCover will break if you put 6 pieces of this product, we recommend purchasing Cover separately. In case you have three, it is good to mount it in a position where Bolt exists.

    6 pieces used
    Oil does not come out from Case when changing when changing Oil
    It becomes heavy but I forget to attach it in one week.
    It gets better. Cost performance highest

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