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【SP Takegawa】Pedal Operan Gigi Aluminium (Proses Cutting)

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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    • Nomor Produk:
    • 02-08-0045

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Model yang Sesuai:

XR50 MOTARD (AD14-1000001-)

MONKEY 12V (Z50J-2000001-)

MONKEY 12V (AB27-1000001-1899999)

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Warna: Silver Anodized
Bahan: Aluminium Cut-out Lihat lebih lanjut

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Warna: Silver Anodized
Bahan: Aluminium Cut-out


* Detail
Sebuah pedal perubahan untuk meningkatkan operasi ketika menjalankan shift-up atau pergeseran-down.
mesin aluminium digunakan untuk tubuh, dan itu dibuat lebih stylish dengan memiliki perak anodized aluminium pada permukaannya.
Anda dapat lebih meng-upgrade dengan memiliki mesin aluminium buta topi ke lubang dari daerah instalasi pedal perubahan.


* Tidak dapat menginstal pada MONKEY (Model injeksi).

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  • Texture Up


    by Japan User(translated)
    My APE has footpeg position up about 50 mm with respect to OEM, I bought it with no aim for improving texture and operability without Rear Sets, I managed to attach it to a position not interfering with Generator coverThe texture improves to the Large width, Recommendation to those who do not attach Rear Sets.
  • Takegawa is great product. Looks nice!


    by Karen
    These shifters are slowly replacing all of the OEM shift levers. They look very nice and function just as quality as the stock honda parts. Also they use the same rubber as the OEM. Webike shipping was quick and accurate. Thanks again!
  • It was good to change!


    by Japan User(translated)
    Easier to use than NORMAL! Dress-up effect is also high and Recommendation!Since installation is easy, let's change it if you get lost! I will really recommend it! It is a truly Mukawa river!
  • Again I bought the second one.


    by Japan User(translated)
    We have two XR100 MOTARD units.The first one was very difficult to get on with Rear Sets and attached this product when I returned to NORMAL.As I wrote in Impression last time, it is the best item.There are two, so you get a clear difference when you compare and ride.It's Shift's easiness and Touch feeling.Since this product has Shift lever in the back, when the footpeg is on, the foot unexpectedly touches the Lever and it is no longer to become Downshift.Touch is also completely Fixed Type, there is Direct feeling.However, although it is Fixed Type, it is shoe-friendly OEM Product same etc. Rubber cover is attached.Cut-out is in the best condition and the design is also beautiful, it is finished to be defeated by Rear Sets.In other words, the price is a little expensive, but I know that it is worth more than that, so I bought it.This is a wonderful product that I can recommend Recommendation.
  • The finish is wonderful, operability is also perfect.


    by Japan User(translated)
    It is attached to XR100 MOTARD.I got lost as Mr. Takekawa's old model, but another one has an old model in the XR 100, so I thought it was expensive but I purchased it.The finish is wonderful, operability is also perfect.In the portion hitting the toes, OEM Product and the like. It has a Rubber cover and it is friendly to Shoes. Length of that part can also be adjusted with Color, and it is a structure of reaching reaching.Although the price is expensive, I think that it is a worthwhile product as such.
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