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【KIJIMA】Penghangat Grip Stang GH08 (Saklar Tekan)

Harga: Rp947,000

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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    • 304-8206

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Daya: 21.2W-36.5W
Push Switch Model


Ini adalah tipe saklar dorong saklar putar 5 tahap.
Bagian pegangan menjadi lebih ramping daripada produk konvensional, dan rasa tidak nyaman yang khas pada pemanas pegangan berkurang.


* Sering terjadi pada 125cc atau kurang tetapi tidak menghangatkan baterai saat dipasang ke sepeda motor dengan kapasitas baterai lebih kecil, jumlah pembangkit tenaga (Ini akan sama dengan baterai luar negeri dan baterai yang rusak).
* Tidak dapat digunakan untuk mobil Suzuki dengan pembangkit tenaga kurang atau mobil Honda dengan baterai kurang dari 7 S.
* Yamaha dapat digunakan dengan kendaraan bermuatan baterai 4B5 atau lebih. Selain itu, untuk sepeda motor yang turun di bawah 12V selama diam atau putaran rendah, daya akan dimatikan meskipun Anda menggunakannya.
* Ada kalanya catu daya terputus ketika voltase tidak mencukupi saat disetel ke daya penuh tergantung pada perbedaan masing-masing sepeda motor.

Model yang Sesuai

    • Universal
  • 4.5

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  • Tulis Ulasan

    With Gloves the hand gets cooler when it becomes less than 10 degrees
    Even in winter, I want to ride more Motorcycle from the feeling I put Handlebar Cover is still cold with a draft
    I purchased it from a warmer feeling and more.
    It is too hot to use with Handlebar Cover
    No more Grip heater Motorcycle is comfortable not to want to ride in winter.
    However, the installation was hard to change Large.
    Wiring is simple, but I did not enter the Throttle side of Right, tried to scrape throttle cone little by little in a paper gradually and it took about half a day to do that work over and over again and again.
    On the other hand, Left Side adjusts so that the Grip does not move with loose and attached Aluminum Tape.

    Attaching the Switch Bracket is inconspicuous with Compact.

    Just connect the Connector so you can easily Wiring.

    Since the end cap can be taken immediately, adhesion is necessary when not adding the Bar End.

    There are five stages of switching and the price is not so high

    I tried to close the taste with Gpz 900 R and install it on the SR 400 as well, purchasing 08 thinking that there is no art when it is GH 07. 07 and 08 differ in switch shape, installation position and wiring are different, ease of operation, ease of wiring processing is different. With smart wiring of wiring is grip integrated type 07. 08 displays the output display by the number of red lamps, and unlike 07 it is certain that it is not in the position to touch by mistake. Since I wanted to hide the wiring individually in order to wear it to the SR, I hid the wiring in the head light case and hid it, but if it is 07 it is highly likely that it was impossible in connection with the wiring coupler etc.. So we recommend 08 to those who are thinking about installing in SR. Regarding the wiring, it is described also in Imp of 07 but it is safe to stop the direct battery connection and make the relay ACC switch type. When attaching the grip, the left can be easily installed by using kitchen detergent, but it is impossible unless the accelerator side must scrape off all the ribs. After using half the kitchen detergent and then hammering with plamer it is harder to insert further.

    Reason for choosing
    Because DAYTONA had no 120 mm Size, this product of KIJIMA was also attractive
    Upon installation
    ? Because of previous failures, Parts cleaner is quick-drying, it wears Grip, it dries on the way
    It is hard to use because Grip is Free in the middle
    The power of Grip heater can not be stupid. It is better to separate the power supply from Motorcycle Body
    In terms of the above, slow dry Parts cleaner. I bought Emon 1245 Relay.

    LeftGrip KIJIMA's Grip has moderate hardness and it feels good when painting Parts cleaner and Bond
    I was able to install it.. There is no backlash, so the attached Aluminum spacer is also unnecessary

    RightGrip I had expected, but the Grip of GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA is on the base and end side Rib, where to grasp
    There is a nonskid protrusion. I dropped the base and end Rib with Nipper and File but leave a nonslip.
    When I saw Aluminum spacer, I thought that it would be better to have anti-slip protrusions?.
    Try applying Parts cleaner and try wearing Grip temporarily, it's not even missing. Do not slip!
    Apparently the slip is absolutely Large, even Bond seems unnecessary.
    The power supply was taken directly to Battery, EmonRelay was put in the gap, and the key was turned off so that it could disconnect it.

    Feedback you used
    Today it was around 10 degrees, but at the beginning I entered the maximum Large, but about half the output is enough warm enough
    Glove was for Winter of normal thickness.
    I noticed after running again. Rib of Grip which should have been sharpened can be seen under the sun and it unexpectedly becomes matter of concern.
    It is troublesome to look for a Grip spacer, so I made a Spacer with the OEMGrip I thought I would throw away.

    I installed it in SuperCUB 110. I took power from the Brake switch first after taking Cover of Handlebar, but electricity seemed to be unstable very much, so I took electricity from the service power of the Coupler near Battery and the operation stabilized.

    In order to attach it to the W400, I purchased 130 mm with reference to several blog posts.
    Since the Grip end is a bit too long, I think the proper length was 125 mm, so I thought it was better than a short one and I thought it was the correct answer to 130 mm.
    Because the Grip end has a lid, the remainder is not at all worrisome.
    Aluminum tape for adjustment of clearance with Handlebar is attached, but it was completely unnecessary.
    For installation, it was necessary to cut out the protrusion that determines the Grip position on the Axel side, but it was easy to do with the Cutter.
    In the manual, it was said that it was easy to do when softening the Grip by confirming the heating in advance, but it was possible to install it even if it did not soften it.
    I also connected the power supply and Earth and confirmed the operation, it seems that both warming and temperature control are perfect.
    This winter seems to be Large in a normal autumn / winter Gloves.

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