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【NGK】Busi Racing B10EGP 5224

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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    • B10EGP

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[Stock Number] 5224
[Shape] Separate Type
[NGK Parts Number] B10EGP
[Type] Racing Plug
[Heat Value] 10
[Corresponding Information] DENSO Correspondence: W31EPT Lihat lebih lanjut

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[Stock Number] 5224
[Shape] Separate Type
[NGK Parts Number] B10EGP
[Type] Racing Plug
[Heat Value] 10
[Corresponding Information] DENSO Correspondence: W31EPT


NGK標準プラグ 即納可能リスト

In Wei BigStock all items of NGKPlugdoing.
* Manufacturer missing item etc., temporarily stock may have run out

While achieving easy price, stable ignition performance and combustion efficiency are realized.Draw out the original performance of Engine.

[Features of Register plug]
In order to suppress the ignition noise generated at the time of Spark, a Ceramic resistor is built in.
· Built-in Ceramic resistor, suppress ignition noise generated by Spark.
· Car Radio · Mobile ham · It prevents radio noise which is mixed in a car phone and prevents malfunction due to Noise of Engine Control Computer.

* The effect depends on the vehicle.

[About Terminal (Terminal) Shape of Plug]
● Terminal suitable for the installation side of Engine · Plug cord (Terminal) Please choose a shape.
Plug's Terminal (Terminal) The shape, "Integrated" "Separable type" "Screw type" "PunchCrimp type" there is.
Mainly for four-wheeled vehicles "Integrated" "PunchCrimp type" For motorcycles "Screw type" Is used, and in the plug used for both the four wheels and the two wheels "Separable type" There is setting of.
Also, "Separable type" Terminal (Terminal) Although it is partly off, "Integrated" "PunchCrimp type" Then, (Terminal) Parts will not come off, try to forcibly remove Terminal (Terminal) Parts may break.
"Separable type" To "Screw type" When using as Terminal (Terminal) Please remove Nut.
Terminal (Terminal) When using it with Nut attached, please check that there is no slack, if you are loose, please tighten lightly with Pliers etc.

[Features of NGKPlug]
The center electrode enclosed copper near the tip so that a large amount of heat could escape quickly "Copper core entered" It is structured.
By this, it is strong both for burning and smoldering "Wide range" Plug is realized.
When comparing the thermal characteristics of the Plug containing copper core and Plug without copper core, the Plug with copper core is excellent in thermal characteristics and contamination resistance, and the heat range is wide.
■ Thermal value of Plug
· Excellent insulation at high temperature, ensuring Spark.
· Excellent thermal conductivity, preventing over burning.
· Thermal shock (Rapid heating/rapid cooling) It is strong and has excellent mechanical strength.
Because it is joining the insulator and the main body Bracket with special powder, it is excellent in airtightness and strong in structure.
It uses special Nickel gold electrode and has excellent durability.
During parking, high voltage is constantly applied between Terminal and the main Bracket.
The high voltage attempts to leak along the surface of the insulator, and if the required voltage between the spark gaps is high, the FLUSHOver is likely to occur.
In order to prevent FLUSHOver, insulator corrugation (Fold) , It is possible to secure insulation by preventing insulator surface distance between Terminal and Main Bracket and to prevent FLUSHOver.
What is FLUSHOver ...
Sparking between Terminal and the main Bracket as shown in the picture.
■ The point that Plug is excellent


*It will not be delivered even if you purchase in 10pcs. (1box).

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