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【HYPERPRO】Per Shock Depan

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[Data depan]
Hitungan minyak : 20 / Tingkat minyak : 240mm

Constant Tingkat Meningkatnya


Kami kinerja keselamatan Suspensi semi. Musim semi menjijikkan kekuatan peningkatan Ban traksi, lentur dan mengikuti Jalan Ban.
& # 9679; dan mengurangi Caster di Corner di depan perubahan Melanggar, semakin mudah perilaku berikut pindah. Menghilangkan ayunan mengganggu pengendara, menyerap dan menikung di Gap kecil.
& # 9679; tidak beresonansi karena tingkat Konstanta pegas tidak seperti hal yang normal Musim Semi.
& # 9679; menghilangkan permukaan luka baik memberikan proses Ditembak di Spring melingkar di Komputer kontrol mesin, mengarah ke penurunan kinerja. Setelah selesai bahkan, salah satu pemeriksaan kinerja Tester dilakukan.
& # 9679; di Hyper pro, rumah dengan model Motorcycle pertolongan pertama yang dilengkapi dengan Hyper pro Musim Semi.


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  • Tulis Ulasan
  • Suspension is fine


    by Japan User(translated)
    We installed in GSX-S1000F.I ran both of Touring and Circuit, but both Situation are amazing.I asked Shop for installation, Shop's president said that Large is tough with this hard Spring (It seems that the assembly was hard and it was Large strange) As I got on the race, the suspension sank normally and there was no impression of being hard, not moving. As an impression it seems that it is sticky to a very subdued movement, or it has become a way to sink with a waist.What is characteristic is that the impact when traveling beyond the road surface gap is obviously eased and comfortable with Touring. I remember the illusion that the performance of Suspension itself got better.Even when doing Breaking from Circuit driving about 230 kilometers, I have a waist and stepped on, so when I go into Corner releasing Brake, I got a margin in the movement of Motorcycle. When checked with Stroke sensor, Stroke which used about 90% in NORMAL used only from 60% to 70%.Even in the Motorcycle not equipped with Suspension like the latest SUPER SPORTS 750 like GSX - S1000Series, when I replaced it with Spring of Hyper pro, it looked as if the movement changed to Suspension of high quality movement.It was disappointing that although the attached Oil was 500 ml, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Oil replacement was not enough in quantity, so it is about the point that I purchased Fork oil additionally.I am planning to consider wearing Hyper pro Spring on other Motorcycle.
  • That's excellent.


    by Japan User(translated)
    I got a lot of good legs. Entry from Breaking to Corner is quite Smooth and fairly good feeling.In HP Data, Oil viscosity was 15, but in fact the number 20 was included.
  • It is a bit different from other companies' Spring


    by Japan User(translated)
    I put it in the ELIMINATOR 900 which was replaced with the forefoot of late 1000 GTRIt is from the forefoot of NORMAL, but if you open Axel up to now, Front grips quickly and Footwork dramatically worsens, Axel in the bank can not open at all and it is real fluffy ...It is not so good to adjust the viscosity and pre-road so we have to set up for 1000 GTR exactly where we were having trouble with machining Fork's internal parts and decaying the extension side ...To be honest It seems that it is good feeling even if you exchange Spring outside the company until now, but it was about degree ...While looking at the product information, the attached Fork oil has a viscosity of 20 and is such a hard and durable, is it !?If it works properly with this it would not be totally elongated when opening Axel?I thought and tried it inUnplug the OEMSpring and Oil and add the attached 20th Oil and bleedIt is hard! This Oil is hard !!Looking at the kinematic viscosity table, it is Oil which is considerably harder than K20 of Kawasaki ... really is Large durable?I thought it was painted or attached Grease attached and assembledImpression that I tried running, but it is drastic changeI stood in a somewhat sunken position and moved as hard as I can on the road surfaceNo, it is too much movement ... Chatter it ...Still, the subduction in Hard brake and the elongation when opening Axel were suppressed, the attitude change during running was reduced, so the controllability at Cornering while opening Axel also improved considerably, I decided the corner and did not do things like intrusions and it got quite a marginI am afraid of Tandem because Motorcycle makes the control worse at a time when load is applied to the backSince Front settled down at this Spring, operability with Tandem is also considerably improvedEven with full of Camping tools, this will not make you tired for long distancesAnyway, Motorcycle which has fluffy fluffy and restless forefoot, it is a shortcut if you put this into Motorcycle if you do not do it poorly ...I am waiting for Lineup for Elimi 900 OEM forefoot ♪
  • It is definitely a better impression than NORMAL


    by Japan User(translated)
    Fork oil Impression of exchanging only Spring as it is, Front's car height drops about 1 cm (Including 3 mm piercing) So feeling down front feeling against NORMAL. I think that it will be better if you can adjust the other parts. Front's unnecessary Floppy, micro shock has decreased.
  • I will evaluate it when turned on.


    by Japan User(translated)
    First test with Spring alone without Oil exchangeI prefer a soft foot, but I do not want to snappy with Corner so I bought it this time
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