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【ACERBIS】IMPACT-EVO 3.0 Pelindung Lutut

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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    • AC-21608

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Warna : Hitam / Merah
Ukuran : Bebas
eksterior Ukuran : Panjang Sekitar 45cm, Lutut Width Sekitar 15cm
Kuantitas : Pasangan (Untuk Kiri dan Kanan) Lihat lebih lanjut

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Warna : Hitam / Merah
Ukuran : Bebas
eksterior Ukuran : Panjang Sekitar 45cm, Lutut Width Sekitar 15cm
Kuantitas : Pasangan (Untuk Kiri dan Kanan)


Pelacakan 3 bagian, whinge dan Fit fitur Lutut brace superior

Ditandai dengan kemampuan pelacakan yang sangat baik dari desain ergonomi dan Fit.
Juga, di adopsi dari engsel ganda dan mengikuti gerakan halus lutut, meminimalkan kesenjangan Kecil menimbulkan efek Perlindungan.
Teleca kokoh Polycarbonate harus didasarkan segera crash ketika bagian tempurung lutut meningkat penyerapan shock, fleksibilitas tinggi dalam Bingkai Bahan atas dan bawah : Siluet Fit yang sangat baik, menggunakan Polypropylene Style karbon.
Pad dilepas Button, baik Pemeliharaan.
Slim dari memenuhi mata, di julukan dan Celana sangat baik.
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  • Tulis Ulasan
  • Easy to move but difficult to gap. Easy to wear Boots and Pants.


    by Japan User(translated)
    I bought it for Knee protector of for Off-Road.Actually I wanted Knee Shin guard, but I gave it up so high.Although it is not Knee Shin guard, I was looking for something that has high defense ability, but it is easy to move but also Off-roadPants and Boots are easy to wear.There is a large cover that covers from the sune to the knee but it is very light.I think that it is light because Material is thin.Because of this thinness, you can wear off-road pants.The part where the Off-road boots and the snakes overlap was also no problem.Size : Free, so I was anxious about Size feeling, but I rather did Exactly Fit.Rubber belt to fix to the foot is stepless adjustment, there is room in length.I think that the allowable range of foot thickness is quite wide.There are 3 Belt and tighten in 3 places: thighs, calves and snakes.The tip of Belt is a hook, and it hooks it in the hole on Protector side.It was a simple mechanism, but it was hard to come off and never got out of the 8-hour Race.When I really want to remove it is a bit of a mess, but it is better than going off while driving (Lol)The attraction of the most Large is the extent of the range of motion of the knee joint.The joint will bend smoothly without a stress, and in Large rock and stone it will bend deep enough that the sitting seat can be done.It is very easy to move when walking the venue.Even when trying to bend in the inverse joint direction, Protector's convexity and concavity overlap each other to act as Stopper, and it will not bend.It seems that it is not as strong a counter-joint prevention effect as Knee Shin guard, but this is safe.Until now I've been loving four kinds of knee Protector, but for now it is the best Knee protector.
  • Very well done


    by Japan User(translated)
    Reliable feeling is high because Cup of the knee is deep until SIDE.The length to enter Off-road boots is also appropriate.Even if Protector is divided into three and knees are bent, Adjustment Belt is Zupa or Moving part is Smooth.Even if you wear it on the ground it's so soft that the interior is softer.
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