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【DAYTONA】Pelindung Dada SAS-TEC dengan CP-2 BAG

Harga: Rp752,000

*Termasuk PPN 10%
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Shipping point: 15 pts ( 15 pts x 1qty)
DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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Warna : Hitam
Mengetik : Dengan Snap Button BAG
Ukuran pelindung Tunggal Tubuh : Panjang Sekitar 235mm x 150mm Lebar x Tebal 13mm
Protector Tunggal Berat Badan : sekitar 74g (Satu sisi)
Kuantitas : Pair (1 Set 2pcs. )
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Warna : Hitam
Mengetik : Dengan Snap Button BAG
Ukuran pelindung Tunggal Tubuh : Panjang Sekitar 235mm x 150mm Lebar x Tebal 13mm
Protector Tunggal Berat Badan : sekitar 74g (Satu sisi)
Kuantitas : Pair (1 Set 2pcs. )
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Pada saat dampak Fit ke tubuh dalam Mendorong bawah! Dan instan menyembuhkan lembut perasaan mengenakan!
Pelindung dada standar Eropa pren1621-3Level 1Clear!

Dada ProtectorLevel 1 akuisisi JMCA direkomendasikan.
Henry Begins of Button mounting Type of course, juga tersedia untuk HONDA dan RSThailand Chi made Wear.
Selain itu, HybridSpec yang bisa dilekatkan pada Surface FastenerType. aku s.


* Sehubungan dengan pemasangan HONDA atau RS TAICHI, tidak dipastikan jika sesuai dengan semua model.
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  • Smaller than I thought


    by Japan User(translated)
    Since there are several Jackets and ChestProtector-compatible outerwear with corresponding buttons, we planned that they can use all around by adding Surface Fastener and Button, so I bought it.In 1st fitting attachment and detachment, the caulk of Gold genus Button is 1pc. Mocked.One Side Three Buttons so I can use it for now but I can not deny disappointment.Also, I thought that I could cover up to the side of the armpit a little by the impression from the photograph, I could only cover about 70% of the front of the chest with Smize for the first time than I imagined Size Anxiety remained.It seems to be Material-like Merit but fortunately I am not in the accident so the effect is unknown.I think I'm sorry I became a negative impression, but this is an honest impression after purchase.I think whether it is okay to buy a new Large Body and if you can install it firmly on Jacket.
  • Jacket who happened to buy it made by Honda


    by Japan User(translated)
    Since there was a second used Jacket, it purchased. Since there was a hook at the chest, I held a chest protector (Velcro installation) I wanted to turn on making an Adapter with a hook on Velcro, but I do not sell such a huge hook. Buy this item because it was with Adapter. I thought that the contents should be resold but I decided to use it as it is quite good. It is a bit uneasy to say Separate type, but if you do not hit the Center part at Pinpoint it will not be a problem. By the way, most of the cause of breaking ribs is when you stroll in the side, most Chest Protector can not protect. SAS-TEC also uses it for elbow and trusts accordingly.I feel like I've run a little, I feel that I do not feel much wearing too much. Although many holes are open, I do not know the ventilation because I attach Harness of hit-air on top.
  • Balance of safety and fit


    by Japan User(translated)
    In consideration of safety, the Chest protector of this hand is decided to be better for Hard Type, but the sense of fit is bad.And when you wear it, Forme also looks like a pigeon breast and is not cool.For that reason it is getting more and more troublesome to install.But I can not ignore safety, it will be Soft Type as a compromise.This product is a type that hardens momentarily when it receives a shock while it is a Soft Type.(It does not cure materially)It is inferior to Hard Type, but still a sense of security is quite different than running without mounting it.We used it for Jacket of Kadoya, but it was able to be installed without problems.As a precaution, considering premising it with Back Protector, there is a point that choosing 1 Size Large than usual does not become cramped.
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