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【GIVI】Box Monolock [E43NML-ADV]

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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Ukuran : Kedalaman 455 x 318mm Width545xHeight (Tidak termasuk Sandaran)
Berat Berdasarkan tubuh : 5kg
Kapasitas : 43L
Maksimum Berat Membawa : 3kg
2 Tombol Type

[Bagian Termasuk]
x2pcs kunci.
Basis WIDE Universal


Adv (Maju) MODEL khusus dilengkapi diikuti oleh batin BottomMatte dan Sandaran, tutup Hook atas & Bersih, SilverEmblem sebuah E43NML.

● Helmet1pc. Dan Ukuran cocok Naik memakai.


* Produk ini adalah basis WIDE universal yang disertakan, atau merupakan M5M opsional / M6M / dasar MM produk eksklusif. Hal ini tidak mountable pada dasar kunci mono konvensional GIVI atau GIVI mono kunci dasar seperti M5 / M7 / M3.
* Hal ini dirancang mempertimbangkan waterproofing tetapi tidak benar tahan air.
* Tolong berhenti memegang konten yang akan menjadi berat total melebihi penunjukan kasus, pas, karir dll asli dalam kasus ini, atau untuk memuatnya dalam jaring tutup atas.
* Kapasitas yang sebenarnya akan kurang karena tikar bawah bagian tonjolan kapasitas.

Model yang Sesuai

    • Universal
  • 4.4

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  • Tulis Ulasan

    It is truly the quality and loadability.
    At first, I had a hard time opening and closing, but if you get used to it, it is Large changeable.
    Currently attached to h2sx and Touring.

    I purchased it together when purchasing Motorcycle
    Since I often go Tandem, Backrest has made it to ADV that comes with it from the beginning.
    I like design because I am not good at round.
    I want 47L when I say greed

    My husband's wife Backrest is awesome

    I attached it to CRF 1000 L AdventureSports.

    OEM Carrier Included Parts for Thick Pipe : I can not fix it well, I built SpacerBlock and installed it, Base is only half way on Carrier, but it can fix it exactly.
    Although I would like to move a little later in order to do Tandem, in the current fixing method it will be limits in strength and there is no problem because it does not Tandem in the first place.

    Although I can enter only a little baggage and souvenirs, it is very convenient and I can not release it.

    We chose here that we want lots of luggage and want to tour there so much even in Gurusuke. Since this class was said to be the limit of loading, I would like to try it in summer Camping.
    I'm dissatisfied that Base's Screw hidden lid floats and does not close with chitin. The appearance becomes cheap when box is not installed ...

    It is a replacement from B 47 B LADE.
    Because I wanted to do a little Small.
    Because ADV has upper Net and Backrest, it has a sense of profit.
    Because the handle is on the outside and there are squares without projections inside,
    Capacity has decreased but usability is good.

    The lid of the Wide base lacks precision and the side floats.
    Since it can not be locked unless you have a key, it is 2ActionType,
    A bit inconvenient if you are accustomed to 1A action lock on B 47.
    There is no worry about inlock so there are good aspects.
    And B47 was convenient with Base attachment Bolt nut with Flange,
    This is different from Washer - - Falling or troublesome when installing.
    Keys also Red key. Silver of BSeries was cooler and less conspicuous.

    Although we are riding KTM 1050ADV, Base also comes with Kit, and it was able to install with Body + M8 Bolt 60mm + Small processing. You can install a new case Case with 20,000 yen + α, I am satisfied with Large change.

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