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【NTB】Kampas Rem

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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    • Nomor Produk:
    • A61-032YN

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Model yang Sesuai:

AXIS Z (Axis) SED7J [Genuine part number] 2TS-W0045-00 [Model name] LTS125J [type] B7A3

AXIS Z (Axis) SED7J [Genuine part number] 2TS-W0045-00 [Model name] LTS125 [type] B7A1/B7A2

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[Nomor Produk OEM yang Sesuai] 2TS-W0045-00

Model yang Sesuai

    • AXIS Z (Axis) SED7J [Genuine part number] 2TS-W0045-00 [Model name] LTS125J [type] B7A3
    • AXIS Z (Axis) SED7J [Genuine part number] 2TS-W0045-00 [Model name] LTS125 [type] B7A1/B7A2
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    perfect fit in 2015 burgman 400. ABS works. Good quality better than oem brake pads. I feel these brake pad can last very long.

    Fitted to FTR 223 asked a friend for Restore. There is nothing wrong with the tendency to ride normally, and if you hold it firmly you can make it to Hard. I do not understand Life yet, but it's cheap so it's not complaining.

    first impression is good, it looks like the quality is good, this NTB brake pads are my 2nd trials as the first brake pads i purchased from a well-known racing company in Indonesia did not work well for me, i even felt the stock nmax pads are much better, then i reused the stock pads and kept the first purchase pads in store. now when the stock pads worn-out i will use the NTB pads and just hope the pads would work better than the stock, if not so then it would again be a awasted buy. since i upgraded the engine and my nmax is now much more faster, a very good pad is a crucial part in the process to keep my ride safer.

    Although it is normal on a sunny day, the rainy day is not dangerous enough. It will work if it is held several times, but the first time I slide on the slip. This is not the first time Pad is not effective. For those who say that they will never get on a rainy day. I just exchanged it, but it is dangerous so I changed it again for DAYTONA. This is the reason for losing money for buying goods.

    Fad's Pad. Rain and Life have not decided yet. Cheap and no failure performance. Life Repeat if you do not mind.

    It will be compared with OEM Product over 20 years ago.
    It is not particularly effective as compared with OEM Product.
    I feel rather effective.
    Long touring of 3000 km round trip came back without trouble, and there is no problem attacking the pass.
    We can not compare with other Manufacturer, but we have a firm job as Brake.
    Although I do not know yet the durability, I think that Cost performance is good because it is this cheap even if it gets caught.

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