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【NITRON】Suspensi Belakang Mono Shock NTR R1 Series

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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IDR 126,000

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    • NTBKH80S-TQ

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Model yang Sesuai:

CB125R (18-)
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Monoshock NTR R1Series
Bentuk tangki reserver: InternalType (Tipe BodyBuilt-in)
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Monoshock NTR R1Series
Bentuk tangki reserver: InternalType (Tipe BodyBuilt-in)
1 cara DumpingAdjuster diinstal


NITRONJapan sangat populer dengan tampilan canggih dan klasik, HONDA CB 125 R (18 tahun MODEL) Mendapat posisi Shock absorber belakang.
Baik Compression dan Rebound 1 Ray Series dengan 1 WAY Adjuster diinstal.
Selain musim semi Turquoise sebelumnya Anda juga dapat memilih Thailand Thani Black spring.
Juga Adjuster Preload Hidraulik (HPA) Opsi dapat dilengkapi.

Penyesuaian sederhana MODEL yang unggul untuk kinerja Biaya, sekaligus menjaga kinerja dasar.
Untuk Basic Basic STREET-Focus Riding

BasicShock absorber NITRON berpikir dibangun di tangki Resherver di Tubuh.
Damper menyesuaikan sistem, baik Compression dan Rebound Effect 1WAY Adjuster and Simple, tetapi penyesuaian lebar dimungkinkan.
Minyak · Gas benar-benar dipisahkan oleh Free piston.
Kinerja dumping dapat dipertahankan untuk waktu yang lama.
Body, ROD, dll. gunakan material yang sama dengan R3 / R2Series, dan akurasi juga dikelola dengan cara yang sama.
Shink absorber untuk STREET / Touring digunakan yang membuat mekanisme penyesuaian ketinggian mobil juga standar kecuali untuk beberapa, meskipun itu adalah konfigurasi yang sederhana tetapi gagasan NITRON ditembus.


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* Foto kejutan tunggal adalah gambar dari jenis yang sama dan seri yang sama, sedikit berbeda dari model yang dipublikasikan (Panjang kejut, panjang selang, bentuk halus) Ada kasus di mana ada kalanya ada perubahan produk dan fluktuasi harga, harga dan spesifikasi dapat berubah tanpa pemberitahuan.
* Nada warna publikasi mungkin berbeda dari yang sebenarnya tergantung pada lingkungan.
* Warna lain termasuk dalam gambar.
* Harap perhatikan sebelumnya bahwa pembatalan dan / atau pengembalian produk ini tidak dapat diterima setelah pesanan telah ditempatkan.

Model yang Sesuai

    • CB125R (18-)
  • 4.2

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  • We have purchased Big purchase but we ordered ourselves with OrderSeat and purchased it. It is the lowest Grade thing, but I am ...


    by Japan User(translated)
    Although it is an old Motorcycle, it is in Lineup and it was able to purchase it by various ordering with OrderSeat.It's lightweight so it's easy to adjust with a nice Spring rate, the running has also improved a lot, the delivery was quick to the surprise and it was good
  • Quantity to run : Pair (for Left and Right) Exchange of foot suspension


    by Japan User(translated)
    【What made you decide the purchase?】Painted at the time of purchase Motorcycle, from the painted color "If you replace the Suspension it will only be here" I thought it was NITRON.In the near future - - - I thought, but there is an opportunity to test drive a vehicle fitted with this Suspension on the same model, or the catcher 's pass companion wears and the NITRON suspension is attached, the purchase time becomes unexpectedly early, It leads to this purchase.For purchase, "Anything of Grade's thing" I thought that it is necessary to adjust the pressure side mainly for Touring, STREET driving, more high speed adjustment ?, choose the lowest Grade R1 R1. The difference of 40,000 is Large in steam.【How was it actually used?】It was the first Motorcycle to exchange Suspension and this car body (4th machine) It is only, but the flexibility when straddling first is different.Suspension responds sensitively even with a slight load, and shows exquisite correspondence.Although R1 can not be adjusted independently on the compression side, it seems to have a mechanism that works both on compression side by adjustment on extension side, so even 1Click will delicately change the ride taste.When I exchanged suspensions with the first car body, I did not particularly conscious about SettingBalance etc, but in this car body I emphasized that Balance and put together the Setting together with Front.For that reason, I could taste the sense of stability and the ground contact feeling that I could not taste at the time of OEM, I am satisfied with Large.While driving at high speed, I was experiencing unpleasant vibration with sudden acceleration, but after changing to this suspension I did not mind it.Also, at the time of Cornering, the reacceleration at the time of escape from Corner, the moment when the traction takes a reap tire "Good" And the sense of stability at the moment Rear sinks is also amazing!"I do not feel like sliding" Speaking of Speaking Large may be exaggerated, but it got a sense of stability and security as close to it.Although Brushover effect may be included, in all "Suppleness" Is increasing, and it seems that the benefits can be gained without doing extreme driving.More than anything, increasing pleasure is more than pleasure.【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】For GSX-SSeries, at the bottom of Suspension lunch box (Box of muffling mechanism) , There is no way to simply remove the suspension LINK and pull it out from the bottom.Some people seemed to have worked with Silencer removed with Exhaust pipe, but I managed to exchange Suspension from Swingarm and lunchbox using Jack and MaintenanceSTAND.Also, since the upper Bolt of the suspension fixed Bolt is hidden behind the Reserve tank of Rear brake master, once you need to remove Seat Cowl 's Right Side and avoid Tank.The first Motorcycle that replaced the suspension for the first time I asked for a change at Shop, but this time I tried it myself.Fixing Suspension Bolt is tightened very hard and Torque is also managed so it may be better for people who are not confident to ask shops safely.[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]Although it was not this time in individuals, NITRONSuspension purchased by acquaintances seems to have caused Oil leakage from the time of purchase.If you ask, this NITRONSuspension seems to incorporate Manufacturer 's Seal called SKF, which is popular with low friction, but there seems to be some individuals that Oil leaks due to precision problems from the exquisite Friction."Perfectly Large Durable" Not, maybe - - - It was a little bit uneasy that I thought of being a woman【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]When purchasing this Suspension, the included tool was included.This tool is a tool for adjusting Sus's Pre-road, but it has been bent easily if it is adjusted when weighting on the vehicle body. (The tip)I thought it was bad, I did Jack-up and I could finally turn it under no-load conditions, but with this it can not be easily adjusted.Even though I heard from other NITRONUser, it was said that it did not bend immediately, perhaps it is specific to GSX - S?【Have you compared items?】Emerald Blue which is Manufacturer Color was the selection criterion, so I could not think of anything other than here.
  • Even a low-priced version has enough performance


    by Japan User(translated)
    I ran about 2000 kilometers after installing the Suspension so I sent feedback.NITRON also chose the cheapest Grade thing but I feel like it was considerably better than the NORMAL suspension with Sub tank."I feel" I wrote that Normal suspension is about thirty years ago so it is not quite as surely as expected.Especially it is good that damping adjustment can be easily done by hand. Even if you tweak within 24 steps you can see the effect.I think that there are likes and dislikes in colors but I think that you can feel the cheap version Grade enough to exchange the suspension of the old Motorcycle so that performance is not needed to that extent and it is too expensive ... Recommendation is also for those who think.
  • Riding comfort is good = less fatigue


    by Japan User(translated)
    Recently, when I got on Motorcycle I felt tired, I felt low back pain, in particular, I studied suspension.There are few individuals conforming to BANDIT of type GV79A, and it will be naturally NITRON.Although OHLINS seems to be attached by Small processing, but no information is found, installation is carried out by oneself, so it is excluded from options.Series I chose the lowest price R1 is price but consult with my run and Shop, Raceetc. If it does not decide it is Overspecifications except for R1.I declare my weight and the Standard value (Around 65 kg) That's why Pre-road has been adjusted to 14 mm.Since it is MODEL compliant, there is no change in car height.It is an impulse running about 1000 km.I can only adjust the compression side (In the Instruction Manual, the extension side is also adjusted at the same time) , There are 24 steps, in the initial state it is the best from the 8th step.It is soft and does not fit when pulling out all.If it is 10 to 12 in the middle, ride comfort is good on a rough road surface, and Hairpin which is common in the forest road is easy to bend.However, in this state it is unstable in Corner over Yuwa km.After all, the general road, the high speed is returning 8 steps in the initial state, running on the pass and 10 steps backward.Because it moves frequently, the burden on the body has drastically decreased.It is still under adjustment, but I recommend it as the first remodeling Parts.Generally it is expensive Parts, but there is no loss after purchase.Adjustment of Pre-road Parts is Option, but boarding weight changes (Tandem and luggage and so on) I have not chosen because there is almost nothing.As a hope, I am happy that adjustment of compression side Adjuster can be done at hand.It is the fate of Mono Suspension, it is necessary to extend the hand from under the car body and operate.Stopping Motorcycle and setting up Side Stand, it becomes Access from the Exhaust System side, and attention is needed for burns.Also, in a van, it is sad that it is inconspicuous because it exists in a deep place of the car body.
  • It had attached to VERSYS650 which had ridden before. Although it was a thing that the color of (object for ER of same sta...


    by Japan User(translated)
    It had attached to VERSYS650 which had ridden before. Although it was a thing that the color of (object for ER of same standard practice was attached since there was still no object for vehicle types those days) Spring can also be ordered, since it was time of having just still come out in Japan, it was dared to use the color of the Turquoise as it is. Attention was attracted anyhow. Although the price was comparatively reasonable compared with first-class Sas besides , the engine performance does not have dissatisfaction, and it was able to be run and turned around it at the firm Step. -- -- it is good that it is also with [ fine ] an adjustment mechanism.
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