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【HYPERPRO】Per Shock Belakang

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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IDR 27,000

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Model yang Sesuai:

F800R 15-17
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Jenis Musim Semi : Tingkat Naik yang Konstan Lihat lebih lanjut

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Jenis Musim Semi : Tingkat Naik yang Konstan


■ Pegas belakang
Hyper pro desain eksklusif "ConstantGod of thunderColor: Spring suspensi dengan Gray.
Tingkat Spring selalu berubah mengikuti pergerakan Suspensi.
Ini mempertahankan keadaan yang tidak terlalu lunak dan tidak terlalu keras, juga memiliki kekuatan untuk melangkah bahkan ketika beban tinggi Cornering atau Rem mendadak.

● Corner Mengoreksi perubahan Caster at Breaking di depan, membuatnya lebih mudah bagi Anda untuk pindah ke operasi berikutnya.
Menyerap celah halus selama menikung, menghilangkan getaran yang akan mengganggu pengendara.

● Tidak seperti Spring biasa, tidak ada Spring rate konstan, jadi tidak akan beresonansi.

● Pemotretan diaplikasikan ke luka Musim Semi oleh alat mesin komputer yang dikontrol mesin untuk menghilangkan Luka halus dari permukaan yang mengarah ke penurunan kinerja.
Selanjutnya, setelah selesai, pemeriksaan kinerja oleh Tester dilakukan satu per satu.

● Perusahaan asal hiper pro perusahaan Belanda, Hyper pro Spring dilengkapi untuk semua kendaraan darurat Sepeda Motor.

Model yang Sesuai

    • F800R 15-17
  • 3.9

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  • Tulis Ulasan
  • Clearing work was carried out by itself. Although one person of removal attachment is also exchangeable, I had spring exchan...


    by Japan User(translated)
    Clearing work was carried out by itself. Although one person of removal attachment is also exchangeable, I had spring exchange exchanged in a motorcycle shop. Color is also purple and they are those with impact. Sas's engine performance has room for improvement.
  • Make it solid, there is a sense of trust.


    by Japan User(translated)
    The diameter of Spring is considerably thicker than OEM, making it solid. The feeling of running is a stable running feeling. There seems to be no worry of strayness, it is a custom around the suspension exchange, but it is cheap and satisfactory.
  • Hyper pro Rear spring for Bandit 1200S


    by Japan User(translated)
    Oil leaked from DamperROD of Rear suspension this time,Rear suspension is a replacement wearing slime.Prepare OEM's Rear suspension and purchase Hyper pro Rear spring,We ship to Active which is the selling agency and use free Spl LINK exchange service,I exchanged Spring.The replacement work itself was not as difficult as I thought.I removed the Rear wheel and removed the Rear suspension with Air impact.Mounting Bolt and LINKColoretc. Brand new, use Bolt painted Grease,It is installed with Air impact and Torque wrench.Because it is an OEM Damper, I did not dare sag adjustment this time.If necessary, it was a sense that it would be good if you could set up opportunities.Although it is a feeling of use, although it is a hard impression on the expressway, if you make the bank lightly with Corner properly Traction willI got the impression it took.In the pass and the mountain area it is not that the Rear gets out of the impression of escaping to the outside!.The ride comfort is also not bad.If OHLINS is too soft and the impression of bouncing is Hyper pro Rear spring, the performance of Hyper pro Rear spring will be added to the Damper performance of OEM, so there is a different pleasure from OHLINS.However, as the Front is still untouched, the badness of Spring of Front stands out.I think that it is worth trying if you are looking for a different suspension from OHLINS by adding one more time to the OEM Rear suspension.Cost itself could also be reduced by 2-3 million yen than OHLINS.
  • It may not be necessary for Motorcycle of ProgressiveLINK mechanism


    by Japan User(translated)
    Originally I bought it with Combination kit, but because the evaluation differs between Front and Rear Spring, I will imprint separately.The use is MotoGymkhana.We introduced a variable RateSpring made by Hyper pro to Rear this time to GSX - R 750 but it was not really good to be honest.Standard's SingleRate 9. 7? / When compared with Spring of Hyper pro when it was compared with Spring of ride, Hyper pro was too hard at the back of Stroke when I joined Pre-road, and when I adjusted at Stroke back, the ride 1 G fell too far and I could not get a sweet spot.Perhaps GSX - R is a characteristic that the damping force rises as it goes from the origin to the Stroke back from the original ProgressiveLINK mechanism, so coupled with Hyper pro 's variable Rate, the Spring rate and the damping force both get up and feel it is too hard I will consider it as a kana.As a good point, it seems that the change of the body to Pre-road change was Large. 0. 5? But there is a clear change.This time I dismounted it without fitting with the car body, but feeling I feel that the impression will change considerably if it is a car model of LINK Resusas that does not have a damping force adjustment mechanism sensuously.Personally I do not spend most of Damper but I want to use the original movement of Spring, so I'm setting direction, so if it is LINK less then I think that I can use a delicious place where the waist comes out as much as Stroke in the variable Rate and does not over tight.If you buy a car that does not have the LINK mechanism in the future, you may want to introduce it again.
  • I got to step on Corner.


    by Japan User(translated)
    Front already introduced Hyper pro and it was a good impression so I introduced it to Rear.I did not sacrifice the ride, Corner started to straddle. As the character of Motorcycle changes pretty louder than NORMAL by adjustment of Pre-road, it is white White.However, if you are looking for a high-class ride, we recommend purchasing an external Shock (As for the symptoms related to the damping system, there is almost no improvement fee).When installing, it is necessary to reverse the Spring, so be careful.
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