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【MRA】Windshield Touring

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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IDR 9,000

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    • MT857C

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Bahan : Akrilik
Ukuran : Lebar 380mm x Length400mm
ketebalan : 3mm
Spesifikasi : tanpa Gradasi
Pengolahan lubang : Tidak perlu Lihat lebih lanjut

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Bahan : Akrilik
Ukuran : Lebar 380mm x Length400mm
ketebalan : 3mm
Spesifikasi : tanpa Gradasi
Pengolahan lubang : Tidak perlu


Touring adalah Tipe Panjang, ideal untuk tur.
MRAScreen Touring menyadari efek tahan angin yang sangat baik dengan menaikkan bagian ujung dengan 5 hingga 7 cm berdasarkan bentuk Asli.
Ini memungkinkan pelayaran berkecepatan tinggi yang nyaman.
Ini adalah bentuk terbaik untuk tur panjang. Menggunakan jalan raya.


*Warna : hitam pada foto yang telah ditampilkan : Merokok.

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    • 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE 17-18
  • 4.1

    96 Ulasan

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  • If the price is a bit cheaper!


    by Japan User(translated)
    It is an exchange from the pouch's Touring screen Dark smoke. Mounting is MRAScreen Touring. The color is Black instead of Smoke.I like the long type Screen so I made it to the Touring type instead of the Spoiler type.The picture will be a comparison of Pucch's Touring screen and MRA's Screen Touring so I think that you can refer to the purchase.First of all it is color but because Puc's Screen selected Dark smoke and MRA chose Black, the color is darker in MRA. It is completely black. Because there is a Wound in the vicinity of Cowl's Screw hole, it is Black based on the meaning to hide it.Although there are many people who have been struggling to attach a mall if it is Review of other people, I did not wear a mall. Processing of the border was also very beautiful even if it was not attached, I think that there is liking, but I like Premier without Mole in Sharp.With regard to wind protection, the difference is not felt much. Of course it is totally different as compared to NORMAL because it is long.Regarding Fitting, NORMAL, Puchi, MRA and none are great Fitting. No problem.Although it is the most important appearance, MRA has rounded upper corner, it looks to Sharp. The pouch is a headache impression.By the way NORMAL is a bit somewhat lacking Image. LolFitting in the overall review, Balance of the appearance, I like it very much.If the price is a bit cheaper, I think that is still better.Quality is high so it can not be helped.
  • I think that there is no other total height feeling


    by Japan User(translated)
    I installed it in the Initial Model 's GSX - R 1100.Since the position of the Screw hole was gapped in one place for installation, we processed it now.The bottom edge of Screen interferes with CowlingBrace so it was removed.
  • I think that there is no other total height feeling


    by Japan User(translated)
    Initial Model's GU 74, GSX-R 1100 (G to J) I installed quite a lot, it is quite Large.The hole position was Gap in one place so we processed it at the present time.Front Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Since the bottom edge of Screen hit CowlingBrace 's part, it was processed and removed.
  • High rectification effect, firmly feeling good!


    by Japan User(translated)
    MRA 's Screen has two holes, but when rain falls around Meter! I do not want to ride or rain when it is about to rain! The one who does not use it It is good.. The reason why the hole is open is that when you run, when you hold your hand, a breeze hits the Meter. In the car, Defferential Gear (Fogging) It seems to be due to the effect. (Other party information) I do not think about the effect much, I use the MRA by just looking and feeling firmly. Position of the hole is also good, it does not need processing, Pon attachment!
  • It's a nice feeling..


    by Japan User(translated)
    The hit of the wind will change It is very comfortable.It looks better than NORMAL 's Screen, compared with NORMAL' s screen, it is easy to install, but if Rubber 's Nut holding the Screen of GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA is collapsed and fails to pull out, RubberNut will be torn out Of RubberNutQuantity : 2pc. If you prepare a set you can also perform installation on Smooth.If only one thing I let you say, the price is expensive! I think otherwise.
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