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【MRA】Layar Asli

Harga: IDR 3,111,822

*Termasuk PPN 10%
Webike Points: 31,118 pts

Shipping point: 20.99 pts ( 20.99 pts x 1qty)
DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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IDR 27,000

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    • MO681K

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Model yang Sesuai:

VERSYS 650 17-18 ABS
VERSYS 650 17-18
VERSYS1000 17-18
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Bahan: Akrilik
Ukuran: panjang 335mm lebar 400mm
Ketebalan: 3mm
Jenis: Layar OEM
Pengolahan lubang

・ [Warna] Hapus: Dengan Gradasi
· Dengan gradasi Smoked
· Hitam: tanpa Gradasi Lihat lebih lanjut

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Bahan: Akrilik
Ukuran: panjang 335mm lebar 400mm
Ketebalan: 3mm
Jenis: Layar OEM
Pengolahan lubang

・ [Warna] Hapus: Dengan Gradasi
· Dengan gradasi Smoked
· Hitam: tanpa Gradasi


MRA. Asli dengan Variasi yang melimpah, STD Shape.


* Keluar dari produk dengan pengaturan selain Clear / Smoke, kecuali Clear / Smoke, pengiriman akan sekitar 3 bulan karena akan dicat di negara asal Anda setelah memesan.

Model yang Sesuai

    • VERSYS 650 17-18 ABS
    • VERSYS 650 17-18
    • VERSYS1000 17-18
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  • Tulis Ulasan
  • Clear visibility


    by Japan User(translated)
    Shape, Fit feeling, Gradation is good, but disposal of shrub is regrettable.I have a feeling of hurting. Since it is attached to the mall, I hope to attach it.The screen made by ScreenCraft which was used up to now was cleanly processed and the mall was not needed, so I wanted more time.Still because the accuracy of the product is good, it is much better than buying cheap stuff like ok etc.
  • OEM style Smoke Screen


    by Japan User(translated)
    【Items compared with the deciding factor of purchase】I was coloring OEM ShapeScreen's colorful Screen.I studied the Smoke of SR Type of ZeroGraph Tea, but the delivery date was unknown. Also I was considering the Carbon type of Magical racing, but there is a sense that Screen itself insisted too much, but since Gold amount was about twice this product, I made it to Original of MRA.[About installation]The installation only removes OEMScreen and replacing it, but since the color of Bolt of 5 mm of installation does not match, I changed it to Black's Bolt.The accuracy of Screen itself was good and the Bolt hole also matched. As for the processing of the edge of Screen which seems to be intact as it is, this product was accompanied by a color mall that matched the Screen of Smoke color, and a gold tool of a mall stopper attached to both ends was also attached.【Impressions attached】I am satisfied with the color as I did and the Screen of Large Kisashi.I think that it is good that the lower side of the Cooleyon is darkly colored and the Screen bottom can not be seen. Also, ETC Antennas was also Large sturdy.For windproof such as highway, OEM and the same. I think.
  • STD TypeScreen


    by Japan User(translated)
    OEMScreen exchanged because of poor texture- The surface was beautiful and the texture improved- The color of Black & Clear is good- Considering the heat in the summer, I think that there is also an STDI think that it is a good product considering the appearance and function.
  • Black is invisible


    by Japan User(translated)
    I bought Black. Installation is easy without difficulty, the appearance is finished in Cool, but the visibility is very bad. I can hardly see the front.I am considering buying Smoke.
  • It's okay, I guess it's pretty familiar.


    by Japan User(translated)
    This sentence is based on my facts but subjectivity enters.Zero Gra Sports touring - It is an exchange from the Smoke Type, in fact I ordered the SRSmoke Type of Zero Gra, but I am sorry for the production in disappointing ... Cancelation.Gold I changed it to MRA, OriginalSmoke.Order! Arrival! Exciting, opening, g ~ ~ ?! There are of course no problem with the shape, packing is also polite, color is ... Brown!It is the difference in how to catch the color of your country, Guan!Because Motorcycle is Black, it was good for Black's Smoke really ~Give upI do not understand with the photograph, there is no Gradation from Cowl ....Another point, although this is a difference in manufacturing method, it is the finish of the end, Zero Gra is like a melted finish, but MRA is like an intact feeling by cutting resin with End mill, of course Rubber at the edge is attached There is no problem because you do not have any problem so I'm sorry it's because I do not attach it ... Let's give up ...I like this, so I would like to refer to it when purchasing, especially those from Zero Gura!There were various, there are good parts, packaging is polite and Screw is complete than anything (Black pan Screw, Washer, Lock nut) If you exchange from OEM, we recommend MRA !!Sticker is not on its own (Discreet Logo is Good)It is easy to install without trouble at all, it is truly GermanyManufacturer!What does the MRA → MRA person say!.With that, I get used to it, no ... well I got used to it (Lol) Not bad ~
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