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【YOSHIMURA】Filter Udara K&N

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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IDR 9,000

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    • KT-7918

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790DUKE 18
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[Termasuk Bagian:] Stiker YOSHIMURAK & NOriginal
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[Termasuk Bagian:] Stiker YOSHIMURAK & NOriginal


Selama lebih dari 40 tahun, K & N terus menyediakan pasar dengan Air Filter yang menawarkan kinerja filtrasi canggih dan efisiensi penghirupan yang tinggi.
K & NFilter mengadopsi Cotton's wet Filter, Filter berperforma tinggi yang tidak sebanding dengan jenis Paper Type atau Spons.


* Yoshimura menangani produk K & N, stiker asli Yoshimura K & N tidak untuk dijual.
* Spesifikasi produk adalah Situs Web Resmi Filter Air K & N (Notasi bahasa Inggris) Silakan lihat.

Model yang Sesuai

    • 790DUKE 18
  • 4.2

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  • Tulis Ulasan
  • Response up


    by Japan User(translated)
    I felt Response clearly rose compared to Normal filter.The acceleration feeling on the expressway is different.However, Spec. Was it changed, Knob to grasp at the time of attaching / removing Filter seems to be lost, the area of ??the filter part seems to be increasing, so Axel's start of dawn is thin.Let's adjust the PS by seeing Timing.
  • Stable K & N


    by Japan User(translated)
    I've been using K & N products for cars and Motorcycle.I am SR400 OEMExhaust SystemOEMAir Cleaner BOX Duct missing Spec. I was on board for many years,We purchased Urethane Filter's bonded part judged to be the limit soon.Adjustment of the fuel injection is necessary, but feeling of Direct is coming out to the inspiration sound is comfortable.Even with a sense of security with Air Cleaner BOX, the feeling of intake sound is felt throughout the whole area,I think that the goodness of the Engine stands out regardless of the car Motorcycle.Even at OEM or Other Company Product, Maintenance of Filter is done on a regular basis, and when you ride with comfortable inspiration sounds feelingI will be aged. (^^)
  • It was worth replacing.


    by Japan User(translated)
    I exchanged YOSHIMURA's Exhaust System two months ago when I exchange the Air cleaner, but when I idlingRotation speed during low speed running was not stable, well Well it did not cause the engine to stallI did not care too much, but I can purchase it cheaply at Sale exactly so I tried purchasing thingsIt took about two months from purchase to arrival is dissatisfied if it is said to be dissatisfied,I tried installing while looking at the handling Instruction Manual, because there is no Tank Bracket, I changed the stick appropriatelyIt took about an hour because it was a work that I made and could not use.If you change the engine after replacing Idling is stable like a lie,The next day I went to Touring but the Engine was stable, both Idling and slow running.I do not feel it as an amateur as to whether the performance has been upgraded, but the engine speed will surely stabilize.
  • Ha No Gap!


    by Japan User(translated)
    CBR250R (MC41) There is no Air cleaner for late ... ...But. You do not have to get in with the initial Air cleaner!.In conclusion, it will arrive without any problems.The inspiratory sound increases and the sense that it is absorbed audibly increases.The performance does not come with Pin alone with Air cleaner!After combining with Exhaust I wonder if I will demonstrate that principle?It is not expensive in terms of price ... However, even if you wear NORMAL, you can not expect dramatic changes. Although it can not be said that it is CBR 250R of Single engine, or if Engine characteristics are not taken into consideration, it can not say anything, but it may be a good thing if it thinks to the Engine of Single system as the footpeg of Tuning to the last!Evaluation was expensive, but think about it from now on!ExhaustTune is an absolutely indispensable thing, so if you think about buying it so far, it is Ali!
  • Perfect combination with Yoshimura exhaust


    by BuGjAE
    I got Yoshi pipe using it for a while and realized that many owner of yoshi pipe recommended to use this filter, suck up the good air and released on Yoshi exhaust , It's perfect!
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