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【DAYTONA】DT-01 Bluetooth Income

Harga: Rp3,635,000

*Termasuk PPN 10%

Nikmati cicilan 0% mulai dari Rp302,917/bulan

Webike Points: 36,350 pts

Shipping point: 4.9 pts ( 4.9 pts x 1qty)
DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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[Ukuran (Satu Item)] Panjang Keseluruhan 105 x Lebar 46,5 x Tinggi 19,4mm
[Berat (Satu Item)] 52G

[Spesifikasi (Tubuh)]
Sumber Daya listrik : Baterai Lithium-ion isi ulang
Terminal Pengisian : USB Tipe-C
Suhu Operasional : -10 hingga 50 derajat

[Spesifikasi (Bluetooth)]
versi : 4.2
Output Transmisi 4.2 : Kelas1
Profil Terkait : HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
Bersertifikat : TELEC
Kode PIN : 0000


Ini telah diperbarui untuk kemudahan penggunaan. berdasarkan suara pelanggan.
Ini adalah ulasan tentang pengoperasian catu daya untuk meningkatkan pengoperasian.
Ini mengubah operasi reproduksi musik berhenti. Dimungkinkan untuk menghidupkan / mematikan dengan cepat bahkan dengan operasi mendadak.
Ini mengubah panggilan mulai dan berhenti operasi. Dimungkinkan untuk menghidupkan / mematikan dengan cepat bahkan dengan operasi mendadak.
Ini meningkatkan bentuk tombol M untuk pengoperasian yang lebih baik.
Ini meningkatkan kualitas suara musik. Penyetelannya membuatnya lebih mudah untuk didengar.
Ini meningkatkan kualitas dan volume panggilan interkom.
Ini adalah pengoperasian peralatan yang mudah dan andal seperti pemasangan. Ini menambahkan panduan suara.


* Meskipun perangkat Bluetooth yang akan dihubungkan memenuhi standar Bluetooth, penyambungan mungkin tidak dapat dilakukan tergantung pada karakteristik atau spesifikasi perangkat eksternal, tampilan atau operasi mungkin berbeda, dan data mungkin tidak dapat dipertukarkan.
* Meskipun ini adalah model yang telah dikonfirmasi oleh Daytona, jika itu adalah produk perusahaan lain, mungkin tidak dapat beroperasi secara normal karena perubahan perangkat lunak atau spesifikasi. Harap dicatat bahwa kami tidak dapat menjamin pengoperasian dengan produk perusahaan lain.
* Harap gunakan volume secara konservatif. Selain itu, hindari penggunaan perangkat secara terus menerus untuk waktu yang lama. Jika Anda terus mendengarkan dengan volume tinggi atau dalam waktu lama, Anda dapat merusak pendengaran Anda.
* Harap gunakan pada volume di mana Anda dapat mendengar lalu lintas di sekitarnya. Bukan hanya melanggar hukum, tapi juga bisa menyebabkan kecelakaan.
* Untuk digunakan saat bersepeda, periksa terlebih dahulu hukum dan peraturan setempat sebelum menggunakan.
* Produk ini telah menerima sertifikat kesesuaian dengan standar teknis berdasarkan Radio Law. Saat menggunakannya di luar Jepang, gunakan radio sesuai dengan undang-undang radio di negara tempat Anda berada.
* Untuk detail lainnya, silakan merujuk ke situs web Daytona dan manual instruksi yang disertakan dengan produk.
* Bluetooth adalah merek dagang terdaftar dari Blutooth SIG, INC. , AS.
* Harap diperhatikan bahwa gambar adalah prototipe, spesifikasinya mungkin berbeda dari produk sebenarnya.
* iPhone adalah merek dagang dari Apple Inc.. , terdaftar di AS dan negara lain. Merek dagang iPhone digunakan di bawah lisensi dari Iphone Co.. , Ltd.
* Siri adalah merek dagang Apple Inc.
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    Made by the company "Just listening to Bluetooth" Although I was using, because I became uneasy with aged deterioration, at this time Income ? ? Although I was considering Mid Land, Beekom by saying that there are things new products from the company and it is examined by 3 models.
    The main reason for using this product is that Wiring's processing from Body was beautiful!
    It seems that it will become dirty if you use other companies' products without having to put together your own Wiring. In fact Mass Touring time extra Wiring (To Microphone or Speaker) I did not get it from Helmet.
    On that point this product is coming out collectively from the base plate. It looks beautiful.
    Just to listen, Bluetooth sounds bad, I made Speaker only beacom, I was anxious about the sound made by DAYTONA, but it is progress ? ? It is a really good sound !!
    Also, the push difficulty of MButton you guys ? ? ? I put on a notebook by a kindergarten child (★ Mark or something) Such Seal is pasted on the MButton and it improves the position and pushability, so it is no longer inconvenient.
    I guess it was impossible to keep Gloves in NORMAL.
    Functionally, I have not used the Intercom function yet, but the voice from Navigation (It is skipping with a Bluetooth transmitter) , Incoming of smartphone is done without problems. (Just listening ? ? Because I could only Pairing one)
    I also recommend it to those who often run together.

    Before purchase, it was difficult to push DButton at Imprez, but if you get used to it there is not dissatisfaction there.
    More than anything, since it looks more refreshing than those of other Manufacturers, I think that it will take both appearance and function.
    More than that, GSensor responded with the opening and closing of the Shield, because there was a temporary suspension of music, it was blocked during Income calls, so I wonder if that will be a little stress ~

    I bought it with Webike and set up according to the handling Instruction Manual, but the power did not turn on.
    Since charging was finished, what is wrong and Netetc. When I looked into this Income specific Button (It is MButton and it is Button at the top) It was hard to push, so it turned out to be necessary to put pressure and push it.
    To write a bit more detail, to turn on the power of the side Panel Button (It's easy to push with this click feeling) And the MButton at the top must be pressed at the same time, but the operation feeling of MButton is just the worst. It is hard to push from directly above because of the absence of click feeling and hardness, which is not understood whether it was pushed, or because it is shaped obliquely.

    Although these small type electronic devices, too, it was not possible to feel strongly pushing on the upper part, so I could not understand it, but in the meantime I tried to turn on the power for the time being,. By the way, because I am a physical worker, I have more than average grip strength and finger power.

    After that I decided it was initial failure and returned it. And the reply from DAYTONA "No problem, good product" And.
    However, "Please press so as to press MButton against Helmet when Helmet is in the wearing state" Or "a bit hard Spec. There was an unknown add Vise such as "It is.

    Probably it is a production lot etc. There are individual differences depending on. Depending on the thing, there may be things where the power is turned on normally (It seems that it will not be as long as you see Net's rating).
    Clearly, you should not make it from the beginning, such as Button which will require hang by the operation that occurs every time the power ON and OFF are used. Perhaps it is impossible for female Rider to use it properly. DAYTONA's in-house test did not come out?

    This Income, if you turn on the power supply, there seems to be some performance, but I do not know because I could not use it. I do not want to recommend to beginners for honest Income. I do not want to recommend to anyone with a history of using reputed Income such as Beacom or SENNA. Although it may still be usable if it is a system that does not go through MButton at the farm WearUp date, there is still no Up date yet. this "Good product" Perhaps it is said that DAYTONA has stronger grip strength than me (dominant hand 51

    By the way, Webike was quick to process the return shipping fee returned by Zero. Always I am indebted. So Webike has five stars.

    I purchased it with the addition of Helmet.
    I do not do Mass Two, but A little It is troublesome to take off Helmet to stop on the shoulder and call,
    I want to input voice with the smart car navigation system, so I set the price to Reasonable and the latest DT - 01.

    Another Helmet has Headset Bluetooth 2 attached.

    I have never used Beecom or SENNA, so it seems to be said that you should not tell Income (laugh)
    Perhaps you are talking about something obviously attached to any model, but hit Helmet with a pom-pom and play Rajko and music - I felt GSensor that can stop it is useful.

    As Speaker cable becomes connection with Connector, one ear - I thought that it is good to do both ears.
    Because it seems that it is difficult to hear the surrounding sounds when listening to music, I use it with only one ear.

    Volume up - downSwitch is also easy to operate.

    The only thing I want to improve is turning on the power / Since it is very difficult to press and hold 2 BUTTON for OFF, I would like to have long press of 1 Button to improve by farm.

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