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【GRONDEMENT】Kit Perawatan

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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    • ZGM-PRK-20004Y

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Model yang Sesuai:

JOG 90-94 3KJ1-9
JOG 90-94 3KJ1-A
JOG POCHE 92-94 3KJ5
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[Product Contents]
Spark Plug
Air Filter
Front Brake Shoe
Rear Brake Shoe
Gear Oil Exchange Kit
Transmission Drain Washer
Gear Oil Cap O-ring
Exhaust Gasket Lihat lebih lanjut

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[Product Contents]
Spark Plug
Air Filter
Front Brake Shoe
Rear Brake Shoe
Gear Oil Exchange Kit
Transmission Drain Washer
Gear Oil Cap O-ring
Exhaust Gasket


PerformanceKit, which is based on Scooter's basic TotalMaintenance, can be equipped with all necessary repair parts from 5000km to 10000km.
Those who bought a used car directly from Net or Oak Session etc., those who traveled over 5000km-10000km, replacement of Air Filter and Engine oil etc., and maintenance, Scooter lasts longer, improves fuel efficiency, seems to You can prevent the failure!

■ Three advantages of PerformanceRefresh Kit
1.Reduced time and cost, the result Cost performance is further up!
It takes time and cost if you maintain it over and over again.
Maintenance that matches the vehicle's Balance takes advantage of the part's performance to increase not only time and cost but also overall performance.

2. Synergies obtained from simultaneous parts replacement!
For example, by exchanging Air Filter and Spark plug at the same time, the performance is shown with each part being in the best condition!
This also has a positive effect on peripheral parts, improving fuel efficiency and prolonging parts.

3. 1 Pack required for basic maintenance!
The basic expendable parts are in 1 pack, and since it contains detailed packing and gaskets, it does not take time to align the parts.
* The product is a pack of parts that are consumed by traveling around 5000-10000 kg with Motorcycle.

■ Parts are consumed so much ...
・Air Element
By replacing the clogged Air Filter with a new one, Gasoline and Beauty air necessary for combustion is supplied, and the original performance of the Engine is demonstrated.
At the same time, the performance of the Spark plug is also improved, and the parts included in the Refresh Kit can be replaced to achieve a good maintenance of Balance.

・ O-Ring Washer-Gasket ・ Exhaust Gasket
The Refresh Kit is provided with the necessary packing according to the model.
This is a small component, but when there is a problem such as an oil leak, large damage may occur in the engine and drive system.
Be sure to replace it with a new one.

・Crankcase Filter
The driving of the scooter, which is constantly rotating, generates heat.
In order to prevent overheat, circulating the beauty air and running at the proper temperature will improve the performance of the parts.
In particular, Material:Drive Belt, which is a rubber product, is vulnerable to heat, so replacing the crankcased CrankcaseAir Filter improves the durability of the drive system.

・Oil Filter・Strainer
In order to prolong the function of Engine oil, replace and maintain Oil Filter/Strainer regularly.

・Spark plug
The Spark plug is responsible for igniting the mixture of Gasoline and air that the Engine needs.
If it deteriorates, its performance will decrease.
By simultaneously exchanging the air with the air filter that makes the air beautiful, the performance of the engine improves.

・Gear oil
TransmissionGEAR is attached to Scooter which can adjust Speed when Axel is opened.
GEAR to TransmissionBox (gear) Gear oil is included to rotate precision parts such as Bearing to Smooth.
It is necessary to change oil regularly at 1,000 km from a new car and then 10,000 km.
Since the kit comes with Gear oil, please use the appropriate amount for the vehicle.

・Brake Pads・Brake Shoe
Brake Pads and Shoes will wear out and will disappear soon.
Please replace it regularly.
Braking system is different depending on the vehicle.
Please do not only replace Brake Pads and Shoe, but also do Maintenance that suits your vehicle type.

・Engine oil
It is recommended to replace the engine oil every 3000 to 5000 kilometers because the engine's performance can not be fully realized if the engine oil is deteriorated and runs black for a long time.


*Installation should be performed by a trained technician.
*Depending on the condition of the vehicle, all maintenance may not be possible with this kit content. Please consult at the shop and receive necessary maintenance.
*Please check the contents of the manual before installing.

Model yang Sesuai

    • JOG 90-94 3KJ1-9
    • JOG 90-94 3KJ1-A
    • JOG POCHE 92-94 3KJ5
    • JOG POCHE 92-94 3KJ7
    • JOG POCHE 92-94 3KJ9

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