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【EFFEX】Handle Smooth Fit

Harga: IDR 2,143,000

*Termasuk PPN 10%
Webike Points: 21,430 pts

Shipping point: 4 pts ( 4 pts x 1qty)
DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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IDR 9,000

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    • EAL032B

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Model yang Sesuai:

YZF-R3 15-18
MT-03 15-18
YZF-R25 15-19
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[Material] Aluminum Lihat lebih lanjut

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[Material] Aluminum


SMOOTH FIT LEVER (SmoothFitLever) I was stuck "Grip feeling" Because I always touch, I sought a smooth grip.
[Stick to the section] The smooth curved surface of the point that is put on the finger eliminates discomfort when using the Lever and reduces the pain of the hand. In addition, the shape that indents the Lever Reverse side in a large manner enhances the Fit feeling of the Clutch lever and Grip. I will.
[Stick to bend] Pursuing a bending shape that does not have a sense of incongruity with any finger Lever operation, the reliable Breaking, of course, reduces hand fatigue and pain caused by repeated clutch operations.
[Major features]
-Six levels of Adjust function that can be adjusted to your favorite Lever position.
-Easy installation just to replace with OEMLever.
・ Aluminum Cut-out + beautiful Anodized Finishing that enhances the sense of luxury.


* Images may contain other colorings.
* All adjustment knobs are black.

Model yang Sesuai

    • YZF-R3 15-18
    • MT-03 15-18
    • YZF-R25 15-19
    • MT-25 15-18

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