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【Rekluse】Radius-cx Autoclutch

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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IDR 36,000

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    • RMS-7901002

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Model yang Sesuai:

CRF450 RX 19
CRF450 R 19
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[A compilation of REKLUSEAutoClutch large composition, Radius CX appearance]
REKLUSE's latest and strongest technologies, namely, CoreEXPAutoClutch and TorqDriveFriction Disc, are finally in one Package.
Even the severe demands of the world Top class Rider [Color] Clear, high durability, torque capacity, transmission efficiency achieved. In addition to being able to concentrate on the riding without worrying about the clutch, the clutch can also lightly operate the clutch manually.Start · Hill climb · highway, Don't lag behind any scene.
Off-road, on-road/Race-Touring offers an unprecedented Riding experience in every Riding scene.
Features and Benefits
■ Prevent Engine Stall
Engine does not stop even without clutch operation by EXPAutoClutch Disc.
■ Improved torque capacity and power transmission from OEMClutch
With the evolved TorqDriveClutch Pack, it is transmitted to the rear wheels without leaving the engine's power.
■ We adopt superior LeverFeel and operability by adoption of Design, TorqDrive of optimized Pressure plate
It can be operated in the same way as Manual clutch.
■ High durability · Decreased number of adjustments
TorqDriveClutch Pack reduces the number of adjustments and provides longer life.
■ Fine adjustment is possible according to Rider and the topography
■ Durable OriginalBilletClutch hub ・ Pressure plate ・ Clutch cover. In addition, BasketSleeve prevents Basket scratches and stages.
■ Improved thermal stability by suppressing operating temperature rise by reviewing Oil flow (Fading reduction)


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*Please use it after carefully reading the manual.
*Please contact the manufacturer directly for any problems with the product.

Model yang Sesuai

    • CRF450 RX 19
    • CRF450 R 19

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