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【GALE SPEED】Cross Lock Disc Rotor (Front)

Harga: Rp5,114,000

*Termasuk PPN 10%

Nikmati cicilan 0% mulai dari Rp426,167/bulan

Webike Points: 51,140 pts

Shipping point: 12.5 pts ( 12.5 pts x 1qty)
DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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    • GSBDF0038R

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Model yang Sesuai:

S1000RR 20 ABS*M package/RACE package only. Not available for standard models.

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Where it is used and how it is used (-)]Front
[disc diameter]Φ320
[disc thickness] 5.0mm


Breaking Discs from the BreakingSystemPRO project by the GALE SPEED development team are now available!
The "Ultimate Sportsdisc" that reflects the technology that we have cultivated through manufacturing forged wheels and master cylinders..
I asked for "Balance..
GALE SPEED pursues the best design for each motorcycle.

FlatInsert processing
The joint between the Outer and Inner Rotor is flat-inserted perpendicular to the center..
Inner rotor and Exactly combine to absorb thermal expansion in the longitudinal direction by reducing the backlash in the rotational direction..

GALE SPEED's unique Stainless SteelClip prevents axial deflection.
In addition to superior wear resistance, it is secured by bolts on both sides diagonally, for high rigidity and safety..

Lightweight Inner rotor
AluminumInner rotor is a lightweight, high rigidity material..

Hole Processing
The Outer Rotor has a hole in it for heat dissipation and prevention of heat accumulation..

Set Rotor thickness according to motorcycle characteristics
For Super Sports 750s that require large stopping power for sports driving and race use, 5.5mm Rotor thickness is used as the standard..
Compatible Caliper (Pad width up to 32mm):brembo/RadialMODEL/OEM Caliper

A 5.0mm thick disc rotor developed for vehicles with street driving as their main focus.
Sufficient safety performance and braking power for street driving in all possible situations..
Compatible Caliper (Pad width up to 37mm):brembo/STREETRACING/OEM Caliper


*The price is good for 1 piece.
*The numerical value indicated on the disc diameter represents the size of the product.
*The rotation direction of the disc is fixed. Please check the left and right when ordering.
*Please note that the product specification may change due to manufacturer reasons.

Model yang Sesuai

    • S1000RR 20 ABS*M package/RACE package only. Not available for standard models.