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【WirusWin】Rear Box Pillion Bar with bracket

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    • sp_parts_eliminator250v_box_base_tandembar

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Rear Box Pillion Bar with bracket for ELIMINATOR 250V..

It is Pillion Bar equipped with Base bracket for Rear box to install Rear box such as SHAD(SHAD), COOCASE(COOCASE), GIVI(GIVI)..

It is mountable to the bolt of the Rear box made by SHAD(SHAD), GIVI(GIVI) because there is a special hole to mount the Base of the Rear box made by SHAD(SHAD), GIVI(GIVI).. *The optional bracket is [C00101-WH][C00102-BK].
OthersUniversal Rear Boxes can also be attached using the mounting holes..
You can install a rear box with a capacity of up to approximately 28 liters..

Rear box may require modification or purchase exclusive brackets for some cars, but by combining the base bracket for the rear box with the Pillion Bar, you can install it without modification..
The Pillion Bar is 25mm in diameter with good balance.
It is easy for passengers to grip and apply pressure, which makes it more secure.

The Pillion Bar is made of durable, corrosion resistant SUS304 Stainless Steel.
The finishing touches are buffing.

Includes WirusWin Sticker and WirusWin Plate.

UniversalBackrest can now be attached to the Tandem Bar with Base Bracket..
It can be used for different purposes:Tandem-oriented or load-oriented.

Universal Carrier Plate which can be used with SHAD Pillion Bar with Rear Box, COOCASE Pillion Bar with Rear Box and Rear Box Pillion Bar with bracket..

By installing it, you can not only install the Rear box, but also use it with Touring net, Rope, Hook, etc. for a wide range of applications..
You can use both sides of the camera, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs..


*Fits to vehicle model:BA-VN250A.
* Please note that rear box is not included.
*In the image below, COOCASE rear box [ S28 Vivo ](Size:388mm(L) X 394mm(W) X 298mm(H), Capacity:28L) is installed.
*Please note that it is impossible to mount with various rear boxes at the same time.
*Please note that the product specification may change due to manufacturer reasons.

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