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【Matris】Steering Damper&Mount Kit

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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    • 009-SD.S108K

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Model yang Sesuai:

GSX-R600 97-00

GSX-R750 96-99

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・Type KKit

・Type K:Black

[Technical Data]
Ball End:M6
・Damper bodyClamp:T6Type
Mounting Position:Tank top
Overhaul is possible.
12 months manufacturer warranty (User registration required)


Material:TitaniumOuterCylinder body and Titaniumium coat shaft
Ultra-high-precision and high-rigidity stainless steel shafts are machine-cut and coated with a titaniumium coating (R-type only; Type K has a Chrome coating) to increase surface hardness and achieve the ultimate in low friction and initial mobility..
Progressive function provides excellent dumping performance against strong external pressure, such as kickbacks at high speed, but not against low speed movements, such as at intersections during city driving..
The OuterBody is made of the same high-precision, high-rigidity material as the Shaft..
Lighter weight and more luxurious look.

CNC Cutting LinkageArm
Like the DamperBody, the rigid LinkageArm and Bracket, which are machine-cut from ingots (muku wood) with high precision, are available in exclusive design for each car model..
Exclusive Design allows you to promote the input of force to the Damper at an ideal angle..
An Oil lessPillowBall is embedded in the connection part of the DamperBody to the shaft to support smooth movement.
Damper's original performance is fully demonstrated..
The beautifully sculpted LinkageArm, with its Black Anodized finish, shows the Matris identity as an uncompromising workhorse, just like the DamperBody, and satisfies the rider's desire for ownership..

Durable design with Nitrogen gas sealing
The MatrisSteering Damper is designed to contain Nitrogen gas at high pressure in the reservoir tank.
The special structure of the cylinder body body body and the high pressure filled Nitrogen gas prevent air bubbles and air from entering the cylinder body to maintain the initial performance of the Damper..

The Kit comes with all the necessary parts for installation..

[Spec. ]
Features of Steering Damper
・Material:TitaniumOuterCylinder body
・Twin tube system
Reserver tank made of super Duralumin 7075
Internal TankMechanical high pressure design

Features of the Type K Steering Damper
Damper 13-step oil hall adjustment mechanism
Chrome coatingShaft is used.

Features of RType Steering Damper
Damper 16-step oil hall adjustment mechanism
Titaniumium coated shafts are used.

High effectiveness on STREET
The MatrisSteering Damper's technology, developed in F-1 and GPRace, will never be the same as it is in Circuit.
Effectively reduces excessive cutting of the Handlebar at low speed curve in town..
The MatrisSteering Damper reduces wobbles at the start of cornering caused by road surface gaps, lack of suspension kickback on old pavement, lack of swing arm strength, and lack of suspension setting on public roads..
In recent years, the demand for steering dampers on high-powered machines and high grip tires is high and they are very effective as a countermeasure against unintentional disturbances..
It's also a great way to satisfy the desire to own a high quality, high performance Attachment..
The MatrisSteering Damper is the easiest to install WorksQualityParts.


*Please note that the product specification may change due to manufacturer reasons.
*There are cases that it requires processing during installation depending on the vehicle.
*It is necessary to open a hole (3mm) for hitting the pin for detentment in the top bridge during installation. This hole is not visible in the stem nut.
*The image may contain both types of choices.
* Gambar hanya sebagai referensi dan dapa

Model yang Sesuai

    • GSX-R600 97-00
    • GSX-R750 96-99