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【Zokeisha】Single Car Club May 2021

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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Release on 24th of the month
Single Car Club May 2021

Special Appendix 1:"DAMMTRAXHelmetCatalogue2021
Special Appendix 2:motocoto" vol.9 spring issue


Premium Newcomer

feature (e.g. newspaper, magazine)
"All over Japan, my hometown.
Spring TouringSpot

Tell us about your CampingStyle!

I don't know.
[Book in Book]GirlsBiker
COVER GIRL:Sumika Sugiyama
PHOTO:En Inoue
BIKE:Triumph Trident 660

Seven people who enjoy Motorcycle in a beautiful way

Chosen from a woman's perspective.
Featured Motorcycle, Helmet, and Income

Spring Touring in Chiba
A relaxing trip to Shizuoka to enjoy spring!

Singer Song Rider Tomochin's
I knew it was the Gasoline Full Tan!

Cute and cool NEWMotorcycle wear
I don't know.

The reason why you are my car -Yuka Namba/Miho Ito-.
Bonds and Stories Connected by Motorcycle
Miki Mochizuki's MINI Essay/Talk about yourself when you have a chance
Ami Kimura's "Today's gem"! /Aprilia Mask
Everyone's Riders VOICE
40th Year Post-Editorial
Bicycle Club News
Bicycle Club Tile
[Zoukei-sha's Magazine Guide]
HORIZON of Reminiscence Reiko Miyoshi VOL.12
Pellefa Cafe News [Reiko Miyoshi
I want to go there at least once! Rider's Cafe GUIDE
Builder's Talk "Intelligent Hidaka doesn't even show his claws!


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