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【Bagus! Motor cycle】Integrated Type Fender Eliminator Kit

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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1. Minimized protrusion of the lower part of the battery case. Please see from the side! Very Refreshing!.
2. Battery case is designed to be lightweight by making it a Small Type. Batteries and electrical components fit in a compact package..
3. The lower part of the Seat has the same capacity as the NORMAL level..
4. The gap between the Seat Cowl and the Fender Eliminator has been eliminated to prevent the entry of mud and garbage..

[Battery box depth].
(Dimension from the top of the notch to the bottom of the frame)
OEMBattery box:75mm
Bagus!Integrated Type Fender Eliminator KitSTD:67mm
Bagus!Integrated Type Fender Eliminator KitShort:43mm

[Corresponding Confirmation]
We have confirmed that it is compatible with vehicles equipped with STRIKER's Seat Cowl..


*The black anodized is applied to the number lighting bracket (plate of the tail lamp part) with all the specifications. This tightened the impression around the tail.
*Please prepare reflector with ACTIVE license plate lamp separately.
*It require a racing stand etc. to remove the rear wheel when mounting.
*When installing the "short battery box type", please replace the battery with one that is 30mm lower in height. In this case, be careful not to reduce the battery capacity.
*Silver (solid aluminum) has been discontinued due to the change to silver anodized aluminum.
Image includes short battery box.
*Please note that the product specification may change due to manufacturer reasons.


Integrated Type Fender Eliminator Kit" Series, which has been well received by ZEPHYR1100 and ZEPHYR750 customers.
Lineup for ZrX1200DAEG (ZrX1200 DAEG)!
Fender Eliminator Kit is integrated from under the Seat to the Rear of the car..
The rear view and the style from the SIDE are both very refreshing..
Of course, it can be installed on OEM vehicles..
Power FilterSpec. When installing on vehicles without air cleaner box such as "Bagus! Oil Catch Tank & Exclusive Accessory Case SetBreather Kit" or "Accessory Case" made by Bagus!.
As for the compatibility with external Swing Arm, which is sometimes questioned, STDSpec is basically compatible with any Swing Arm that does not require modification of the OEMBATTERYBOX when installed.. The vehicle's Spec.. The conditions will vary according to the preference and condition of the suspension, so we have added a new "ShortBatteryBOX" Spec.. We have set up a.
However, if you have changed the Swing Arm to another brand product and are concerned about interference, you can use the Swing Arm according to the situation..

Model yang Sesuai

    • ZRX1200DAEG