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【Bagus! Motor cycle】Chromoly Pivot Shaft

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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    • BG-PVS02A

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I only want to make the good stuff..
The "ChromolyShaftSeries" is a product of BaGOOSE's meticulous attention to detail..
The first one to be completed was the "Chromoly Front Axle Shaft.
Quantity:Pair (for Left and Right)The only thing that conveys the subtle movement of the Front fork to the Tire..
It's hard to feel, but it's a very important place..
The weight under the Spring should be as light as possible..
If so, I would like to use titanium, but titanium shafts are said to crack, and Race's regulations still prohibit their use..
The answer to Bagus! was a fully integrated molding of ChromolySCM-440 tempering material!
Material is SCM-440 tempered wood
The tempering material is an exceptional Chromoly material that has been graded at the molecular level..
This makes it strong and heat-resistant and resistant to distortion..
This will also save weight as it can be exited by Hex!
The manufacturing process does not end with processing and coating..
Machining → heat treatment → regrinding (to correct distortion created by heat treatment) → special coating with a 10μm single-wall thickness..
Coating is 10μm instead of the usual 4-5μm, so it is resistant to peeling and rusting, and its own surface is smooth..
Also, if both ends are threaded, the number of applicable car models will increase and the cost will decrease, but the important strength will not be achieved..
Therefore, we are committed to complete one-piece molding, and the nut is used on the One Side.. (Please use OEM)
ZrX1100/1200'08,ZZr1100(TypeB) is hollow Spec because of its thickness. And, the spec for ZEPHYR400χ,ZEPHYR750,ZEPHYR1100(TypeA) is not that thick, so we dare to use the hollow spec.. The strength of the product is not made to.
The "Chromoly Pivot Shaft" was completed using the same manufacturing method.
Pivot is a swivel axis.
This large, critical part that joins the Swing Arm to the car body contributes to increased rigidity..
ZEPHYR750 and ZEPHYR1100 are now available!.
Please feel the texture of each item in your hands..

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    • ZEPHYR1100