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【JB POWER (BITO R&D)】Perlengkapan Kopling Heavy Duty FCC

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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IDR 9,000

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    • 160-40-001

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clutch Disc / Piring besi / semi Set Lihat lebih lanjut

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clutch Disc / Piring besi / semi Set


Clutch kirim Engine Power Transmission.
Tanpa bocor Kekuatan mesin Tuned kuat, andal dan pada saat yang sama memberitahu Transmisi, juga diperlukan ketahanan abrasi yang tinggi.
Kopling musim semi hanya mengandalkan jika kopling operasi akan menjadi berat menyenangkan.
Cahaya dan Clutch operasi nyaman, harus menahan stabil dan ratusan ribu kali dari Clutch release. Itu sebabnya Tingkat tinggi EngineerRing dan teknologi manufaktur I diperlukan.

Dimulai pada pengembangan bahan gesekan, prototipe - test - Pembangunan Jalur produksi - produksi - Dalam MODEL UNTUK JEPANG hanya AssemblyManufacturer dengan sistem untuk melakukan secara konsisten semua mengarah ke kontrol kualitas, F, yang juga pembuat Top di dunia. C. Mengadopsi diproduksi oleh C.
Nikmati benar Clutch kerja. Vitor R & D akan memberikan mengakui dunia ClutchTechnology.

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    • CB1100F
  • 4.3

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  • It is easy to handle and is a good product


    by Japan User(translated)
    After installing the Exhaust System and the FCR Carburetor Body, Clutch started up so I bought it.At first I thought whether FCC would be used for Full kit, but since both Exhaust System FCR Carburetor Body were using JB's items, we unified them with the same JB product.Replacement work is easyI assume that it is unlikely to fail just by assembling it as it is done with Rose.The other preparation is Gasket Oil placeOil spilled about 300 cc unlike other Motorcycle.Although it is the performance of the essence, although the connection is new, MildIt is not different from NORMAL.Large Sturdy Access ThumbnailI do not slide at all.If it slips, I was planning to change Spring, but it was ok with a feeling.
  • Used for XJR 1300


    by Japan User(translated)
    I bought this because Clutch of XJR 1300 began to slide. In product photographs, Friction disk, Spring and Clutch plate, then f. c. It can be assumed that cSticker etc. are included, but only the Friction plate was received after purchase. I think that it is necessary to pay attention if you want to improve all Clutch mechanism.As for installation, I think that it can be done easily even by an amateur. With Gasket, Torque wrench, Water-resistance Paper etc, I did not think that it was Large strange.In terms of XJR's Clutch slip, because Clutch fluid is more susceptible to heat due to air-cooled Motorcycle, Piston is pushed out without having to close Clutch due to thermal expansion due to thermal expansion due to normal DOT 4 There are times when it happens.. As a first aid, if you exit Fluid from Breeder it recovers accordingly, but in that case the quality of Fluid rather than Clutch board is a problem, so I think that it will be unexpectedly resolved when exchanging for high Fluid.I was plagued by this problem at the time of first look at hydraulic Clutch.
  • I did not slip.


    by Japan User(translated)
    As it is only Drive plate, it should be better for durability. As Kit does not include Friction plate, there is no Demerit for Merit unique to FCC. I dare to expect durability only.
  • FCCReinforced Clutch


    by Japan User(translated)
    We exchanged for OEMClutch slip prevention.At the first Clutch meat you can see the difference soon, Firmly ties are transmitted.Neutral enters in the same way as OEMClutch, and it did not slip and reassured securely around high rotation.
  • [webike Monitor] It exchanged for the reason for above. There are not using brand-name parts in price and great difference. Since pure Clutch started, I exchanged as consumable goods. Although it could fully respond with brand-name parts like


    by Japan User(translated)
    [webike Monitor] It exchanged for the reason for above. There are not using brand-name parts in price and great difference. Since pure Clutch started, I exchanged as consumable goods. Although it could fully respond with brand-name parts like specification of the Motorcycle, the strengthening article was used for vanity. About work, the accompanying work (accustoming work of the wear with the stage of an Outer, etc.) was done simultaneous. It unites with this and a Spring is also in a strengthening article. It seems that it does not become mind so much since the vehicles which had ridden in the past were heavy although the weight at the time of the operation became heavy, but it is heavy suitably. While hoping what was thrown away is the lightness at the time of an operation, and some life in strengthening, I would like for there to be no impression of the kind referred to as having become quick, since it is in adaptation of pure Clutch, but to do the Test.
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