Adjustable Footstep Kit "Track spec"

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NINJA 400 18-23

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Footpeg:Fixed Type
Footpeg color:Silver
Toe Peg:Fixed Type
Heel Guard:Composite
Bearing:Highest Bearing
Support Shift:Positive Shift and Reverse Shift are both supported.
Made in Italy


LighTech's Footpeg Kit features a patented "Truck System" that allows you to easily change the position of your footpeg!.
This product is designed for hard riding on circuits such as race tracks, and the footpeg is fixed directly to the base plate to increase strength and minimize breakage and dropout..
The material is made of ultra-modern Duralumin 7075 to achieve both rigidity and lightness..

[About TruckSystem]
In the case of the normal PositionAdjustable Footpeg Kit, the Footpeg Plate and the FootpegMount base are separate bodies in most cases. When the load is applied to the footpeg, the area of the footpeg plate and the footpeg mount base is large, so a large strain is generated between these two parts, which leads to a loss of rigidity..
TruckSystem eliminates the footpeg mount base by adjusting the footpeg, and furthermore, by using super Duralumin 7075 as the material, rigidity is secured and a direct operating feel is ensured..
In addition, by making the Footpeg and Front-to-Peg themselves variable, it is possible to respond to various foot sizes without operating the Footpeg Plate..


*Please note that it is necessary to purchase a brake lamp switch separately in case of using this footpeg kit in the public road.
*Please note that the product specification may change due to manufacturer reasons.

Model yang Sesuai

NINJA 400 18-23


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