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【SP Takegawa】Perlengkapan Kopling Sentrifugal (Heavy Duty) (32-weight)

Harga: Rp1,237,000

*Termasuk PPN 10%
Webike Points: 12,370 pts

Shipping point: 19 pts ( 19 pts x 1qty)
DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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    • Nomor Produk:
    • 02-01-0215

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Model yang Sesuai:

GIORCUB (AF53-1000001-)

LITTLE CUB (C50-4300001-)

CUB (FI) (AA01-1700001-)

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Dengan menginstal diperkuat kit kopling sentrifugal ini, Anda akan dapat mencegah kopling tergelincir dari mesin disetel pada kendaraan kopling sentrifugal, dan sepenuhnya mengirimkan tenaga mesin.

* Detail
Memperkuat kopling dengan meningkatkan jumlah berat kopling (8 buah x 4 lokasi : 32 buah). (Kendaraan 50cc OEM : 4 buah x 4 lokasi : 16 buah)

Harga ini terus turun dengan mengalihkan OEM roda gigi dan gigi didorong. Juga, Anda tidak perlu mengubah rasio pengurangan kecepatan sekunder.
Karena sudah dirakit di ASSY kopling, instalasi sangat mudah. Hanya menggantinya dengan kopling OEM.

Model yang Sesuai

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  • Tulis Ulasan

    I made a Bore up and made the reduction ratio Large, so Clutch seemed to be slipping during the cruise, so I exchanged it for this. It was as intended and it was very easy to run.

    Spec. Is it very good if it is there.

    I upgraded CUB 90 to 1XXCC and made it to Taiwan Reinforced Clutch, but I got a sense of slipping and changed it to Makekawa.. There is sense that power is transmitted to Direct, it is good without slipping.

    FILITTLE CUB (88cc) I tried to move forward even while the Meat Point was too low and stopped.
    Also, FI Controller made by Takegawa does not leave the launch because it gets shaky at low speed.
    (Various SensorReset, Clutch adjusted)
    I immediately returned to NORMAL. The good point is the simplicity of installation and politeness of the Instruction Manual.

    LITTLE CUB (Carburetor) I installed it at the same time as 88? Bore up.
    Because it seems to slide if it is Normal clutch.
    In other Impression etc. well "Clutch got harder"
    Although it is written, it is somewhat, I do not mind at all.
    The sense of security that it is strengthened more than that is higher.
    For desorption, Clutch lock nut wrench is required.
    If there is an electric Impact, I will Rose it comfortably.
    Embedding uses Torque wrench to manage Torque
    I think that it is better to do it.

    I installed it in CUB 90. It is an exchange as I was feeling something wrong with Clutch. Engine Displacement Volume is still NORMAL, but it is Engine which is upgrading, balancing and balancing, port processing etc. and power up. I thought that it would be better to strengthen and I chose this. Result NORMAL seems to be better. I guess it's gonna be funny after all.. We reduced the number of sheets. I am not familiar yet but I think I will take a ride for a while. After all there is a limit in Centrifuge Clutch.

    CUB (Made into 107 cc) Purchased when returning to manual centrifugation with manual clutch.
    I am still using it while doing Modify below.

    The thing itself is beautiful and solid, but the centrifuge Filter cover is stopping the dish of Screw
    The appearance of the head differs completely. After thinking about what to do, if you search well, Large land Copy goods
    It seems like M base changed to Takekawa. Conviction.
    Of course there is no problem with the function, but I just worried about Screw.
    I do not know whether it is an individual difference, but if it is my CUB Clutch adjustment Screw will adjust the range
    I have exceeded. Although it can be used for once, it is a mystery because normal things are impossible.
    Even though there is no mismatch..

    I was slipping with KICK at the beginning of the installation, but if I get on 100 km or so, I am familiar with it
    I did not slip. There is no slip even during normal driving.
    Pedal is lighter than CUB 90 (Clutch's lightness is light) It is very good to use.
    Vibration during high rotation is also less.

    I was at a loss for the short time of Meat Point. It's fine when you start, but it's terrible at the time of Shift
    I am excited.. I wonder if Bamboo centrifuge is told in the streets.
    I am worrying about what to do, eventually reducing the Weight to 28 same as CUB 90 and using it.
    Because it becomes quite Smooth, I recommend it to those who are troubled with a feeling of gyroscope.
    Rather 2 Quantity : 1 Set of 4pcs. It may be reduced to.
    Washer is put in the gap which reduced Weight.

    The shape of the internal Parts differs considerably from CUB's Clutch, but regarding the Clutch board
    HondaOEM's Clutch board can be used.

    Large Land Base is not bad, though accuracy is cheap, Base is Base and cheap, Weight
    I think that Merit to introduce is Large Yu Clutch because it can increase and decrease and set it to liking.

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