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【AGRAS】Preload Adjuster untuk Fork Depan

Harga: Rp2,050,000

*Termasuk PPN 10%
Harga Normal: Rp2,278,000 11% |
Webike Points: 20,500 pts

Shipping point: 5 pts ( 5 pts x 1qty)
DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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    • 351-103-000R

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    • APE
  • 4.0

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  • The price is - - -


    by Japan User(translated)
    For extension of APEForkSince the scale is waving, the protrusion amount can be visually confirmedAdd Punch to Initial Adjuster for grasping rotation speedIt is not that I made Large, but even though it is individually wrapped it is cut over Mountain etc. Attachment and cleaning before installation is essentialAnyway, if this price is high, I want a little more built-in
  • As expected


    by Japan User(translated)
    Purchase to increase the setting width of Ninja 400R.I am satisfied with the result as expected.○ Package Contents- Body, exclusive Color pipe, Instruction Manual.○ Attention on installation- O-ring is not attached to the product, so you need to divert 0 Ring attached to OEMCap or purchase separately. I think that Oil will squirt as it is mounted.- When screwing Body into Fork, Adjuster turns round and round together.So please check firmly the number of revolutions of Adjuster after installation and re-set.Other, quality seems very good. Although it is not in the photograph of Catalog, there is a decoration of a fashionable patch and there is a high class feeling.
  • The view is the best!


    by Japan User(translated)
    Changing the Initial of Rear suspension from the feeling of lack of Stroke at rising (Harder) Did. It was inequitable to change Rear alone, so we bought the Front so that we can adjust it Initially.It was a lot of choices because of many choices, but with price, build, and comes with a dedicated Color you can adjust both directions Plus minus (Although it was unnecessary as a result) It was the best decisive factor.* Those of other companies need Initial only for exchange, and there are many things that can not be set to Normal setting.Exchange was done by floating FWheel in the following way. Put GEAR in 1st gear and place ConcreteBlock next to the rear wheel so that it does not move. Then hang the Belt on the Top Bridge and pull it up to float the FWheel (The photo shows what RWheel floated in the same way). * Loosen the Cap, the final tightening was done with both-wheel grounding. I think that Risk is a large method, so I think that it is better to obediently leave it to PRO.Change Initial after replacement (Harder) By doing so, I am satisfied that various frustrations I felt were solved, but I also wanted Damper adjustment. Basically, it is ideal for Rear to replace Shock and Front to incorporate DamperKit, but if it is not possible to put Cost on it, is not it a good option. Also, rather than multiplying OEMOption's Cap thousands of dollars, Adjuster with the best adjustment is also recommended, with adjustment function.
  • It purchased in order to divert NSR system Front axle part to KSR. KSR -- a pure Fork has about 665 mm in overall length, about 615 mm (except for Adjuster die length) in overall length of the second-half system Fork of NSR, and about about 50-mm diff


    by Japan User(translated)
    It purchased in order to divert NSR system Front axle part to KSR. KSR -- a pure Fork has about 665 mm in overall length, about 615 mm (except for Adjuster die length) in overall length of the second-half system Fork of NSR, and about about 50-mm difference (the photograph left -- KSR110 -- pure -- the right -- NSF100 -- it is pure). On condition that it was with the Adjuster, when the extended Kit was looked for, the AGRAS (35 mm) and the KITACO (45 mm) were found (if it searches, it may be in others). Whichever it used, it was insufficient for the Fork length of KSR, but since I was going to use it for KSR-2 (KSR-2 is pure and there is pushing out of about 14 mm), the AGRAS regarded me as exactly good and I bought an AGRAS. Since die length is different fairly if a NSR system Fork is diverted to KSR110, I consider that it is better to look for other extended Kits. When it was the Catalogue, the color of the Adjuster portion was a Silver, but actual goods were Golds. Since a price increases no less than 1.5 times compared with the thing of the KITACO, the direction of a KITACO is a Recommendation if interference of an Adjuster, a Handle, etc. does not seem to have a problem.
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