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[New Product] G-Craft Releasing New Rearsets Kit and Single Side Swingarm for Z125 PRO in October

  • 26/08/2016

High quality parts for Z125PRO are coming soon!!

G-Craft, a company which plans, manufacturers, and sells custom motorcycle parts has announced that new rearsets kit and single side swing arm for Z125 PRO will be released.

Rearsets kit is adjustable with 3 positions for your best riding position. Single side swingarm is handled by a skilled craftsman shows off its beauty of power. They are both scheduled to be released on October 20, 2016.

Rearsets Kit for Z125PRO

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: 51,840 JPY (Tax Included)


*Model Name: Rearsets Kit for Z125PRO
*Model Number: 32114 JAN:4522285321145
*Retail Price: 48,000 JPY (Base Price)
*A2017, A5083 Silver Anodized Finish

*Can be bolted-on to standard models.
*Race-Shift: x
*Reserve Tank-Less Kit: x
*Materials: Aluminum (Made in Japan), A2017, A5083

*3 Adjustable Positions
0mm Back ,50mm Up
10mm Back ,60mm Up
20mm Back ,70mm Up

The moving parts of the pedals has 2 bearings to improve the operability of the shifting gear and the brake. Materials used are the same as those used for big racing bikes. Truss structure is also adopted to keep rigidity.

The shift rod is installed with a pillow ball so that the shift pedal can be adjusted.

Single Side Swingarm for Z125PRO

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: 297,000 JPY (Tax Included)

*Model Name: Single Side Swingarm for Z125PRO
*Model Number: 60788 JAN:4522285607881
*Retail Price: 275,000 JPY (Base Price)
*Materials: 7N01 Buff finish, Anodized

It is welded with “Triple Square Pipe” which are hand-bent by a skilled craftsman. Hub damper is standardly equipped. By adopting mechanisms for big bikes mission workload is significantly reduced.

It is equipped with sprocket for NSR. Bearings are highly rigid and feature wide diameters.
Adjustments can be made with Eccentric Type Chain Adjuster using a wrench.


Wheel spacers are exclusively made from 3D cut-out aluminum.
The wheel lock nut used is a center lock type (Special lock nut is included).
The shaft joint is made with serration spline methods and are highly rigid.
Very reliable mechanism which is adopted to OEM Pro Arms.

*Bearings, stabilizers, and hub dampers are standardly equipped.
*Exclusive wheel is included.(12-4.0J)(12-4.0J)
*Rear shocks for Z125PRO can be used.
*The length of the swingarm is approx. +6cm
*Calipers are exclusive for Shift Up products. (200050-00)


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→Read the full article. (*Japanese)

Original Source[ G-Craft ](*Japanese)

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