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MINIMOTO menyediakan berbagai macam sparepart untuk motor mini seperti MONKEY, GORILLA, DAX, CHALY, dan CUB dengan harga yang terjangkau.

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Fit perfectly on rear shocks frame bolts, good support for exhaust, but the chrome paint suddenly breaks when installing on the bolt, its like tearing apart and loose all chrome color, note : i installed it with precautions and special tools but the chrome paint breaks. Overall this is good supporting product for exhaust mounting but less paint quality, so inchoose not to use it on my bike

The sub tank fit perfectly on the left side of the motorcycle, easy to install, its pnp stuff, the molding also good, the spacer also made the good distance between tank and motorcycle seat, there is some minor problem, because the position is on the left of the motorcycle, the fuel cock indicator is facing the body of the motorcycle, So its hard to see the indicator position off/on/res. Anyway this is good product

It is almost equivalent to PC 07B (main jet # 85, slow jet # 38) for honda CB50J general export. It is suitable for 80cc and above, with 50cc I made a cushion, and jet needle setting in 2nd place, it is very good with cheap price and easy to adjust.

it Fits Perfectly on my custom 100cc Dax 1972, but i have not taste the differences beetwen using the cooler or not, hope its works well

Although it was an object for DAX50, it attached to JAZZ.

Since care and cleaning of a chain will become easy if there is this, it is a recommend.

I have bought this tank for for install it on my Honda Jazz 50 for set it instead of factory installed. You can't imagine how I was happy when have seen a result. It's perfect! Perfect shape and quality! During buying I saw no problem. I do not need a support help because everything were clear for me. Easy buy , easy get, easy use. Parcel came very fast. One week. I very glad of purchasing process. Thanks Web bike team! PS. I going to buy second and third for my Magna 50 and Monkey Z50, for to be compleatly happy.

The Minimoto master cylinder seems like a pretty nice product especially for the money. It looks identical to the Nissin master cylinder at about a third of the cost.