Belanja Berdasarkan Model

high quality, fast shipping, great customer service.

Even if the surroundings were not decomposed and it did not dissolve, work was completed comfortably and it came.
I think that it is the best for it being easy-alike and carrying out.

Please never buy it.
Because something does not suit the air zipper 22.

The equivalent device was sold at a bargain price in the home center.
Although it is good since it purchased in order to float a mailing cost .. I think that it is quality.

Although only the band holder was used until now and the size adjustment of the band was troublesome to the degree which is desorption, after using a one-touch pulley folder, there is also no time and effort of size adjustment, and it could manage work very comfortably.
The price is a tool which cannot be parted with once texture is also strong and it gets used to it, although it was somewhat high!

Since it is longer than what is attached to the in-vehicle tool etc., a plug thinks that it is easy to use the thing in the back.

Although jumped and purchased from the page of the plug for DRZ400SM, it cannot use for DRZ400SM!! Attention

It was not able to be used although cut to the plugs of the ape 50.
It is better to buy it, after checking since it is in the place where the portion in which C type is caught extended far back and other C type vehicle types may be unable to be used.