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This is an emblem patch from SIGNET, of course, it can be attached to objects or walls that can accept glue. It can also be attached to your garage or tool box or tool cabinet or tool drawer. It has become a common thing. There is a name from a manufacturer or support attached to human production .. I want to say wkwKwkwk. maybe I also want another badge to just give the appearance of my toolbox.

Gembok Anti Maling dan Kabel Pengaman untuk Tank Bag EVO mantap!

Inner Bag TRAX ADV mantap!

Since care and cleaning of a chain will become easy if there is this, it is a recommend.

I felt like I saw an article with BALI in the insertion hole of oil level adjustment plate in other impressions, but there was no such trouble and it was enough for work. However, since the scale is difficult to read, I measured the Size on the scale and used it. Nevertheless there is no problem so it is enough.

I purchase a new car and prepare it with Chain cleaner for Maintenance. (2018 NINJA 2 Helmet 50R waiting for delivery) Do not wait..

Although it is currently in use by other company Chain brush, the feeling is also conscientious feeling and the touch feeling seems to be strong without anxiety.
Chain brush I used in the past was hard to use as I thought as a part of the brush got off quickly but this time Chain brush did not seem to touch it. I am looking forward to using Brush now because it is out of use!

Since Piston is fixed with GizaGiza, Wound is attached, but it can work efficiently.
Screw for fixing is not reliable, but there is no problem using it.
If possible, do not use this, either Lever or Compressor, so I'd like to get Piston.