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Gembok kuat dan suara alarm nya berbunyi sangat kencang. Cukup buat maling kekagetan.. gemboknya sensitive .

Kualitas produk original, pengiriman cepat dan respon agent/sales cepat dan sangat baik.

barang TOP banget ....plug & play ....kualitas cnc bagus

Barang sesuai permintaan

Barang sesuai permintaan

Good product,very helpful to see product with this catalogue

It purchased in order to hear the sound of MOTO GPS RADAR of a daytona by wireless.
although the receiver VZ-7200 of TANAX thought for the candidate - - of the product and charging battery of the maker as small size - MOTO GPS RADAR with more nearly same this one -- a price is [ this one ] cheaper

It is a disk lock with an alarm function.
Since there is a rumor a thief is sensitive to sound, it purchases as an alarm as a lock.
In the same form, there is what has a raw material without that as right as the thing of all stainless steel.
Since the price was different only about 1000 yen, the all stainless steel which is strong to rust and has reinforcement was chosen.
If a changing battery is not practiced several times, an alarm will resound in a house (smile).