Belanja Berdasarkan Model

Merek Top

In addition to the Swivel mechanism of Head in Compact, it is amazing that Handlebar can be rotated to THandlebar.
Switching of rotation is not a Lever expression so I need a little accustomed, but I think that it is also cheap and also good for in-car tools.
Is the durability just starting to use?

Rather than the Ratchet function, it is wonderful to use it as a T !! Easy to use !! Even in a small place you can turn it firmly !! For maintenance only it is on the car.

Familiar with Size being appropriate. It is reliable use feeling. It's safe because Socket will not fall. I am loading in Box in Motorcycle.

The 1/4 ratchet lever is good, handy and easy to use. Its structure seems to be quite massive, even though the vase is plastic (the black parts are in the picture), except for the scissor slide slider, which sits rather in its place. Sincerely, Zsolt Lukovics

As expected it is easy to use koken.
Balance with price is also good, it is a quality that can be relieved.
Because Head does not become obstructive and disturbing like Ratchet Handlebar,
Spinner handle is useful for Quick work.

Is it possible to change the direction of rotation?
I can not do anything how I came home..
6. Petch on 3 sq side is fixed
I am sorry although the texture was good.

I happened to find it and bought it.
Because it is several hundred yen it is necessary to adjust purchase price Gold - - -
Especially it is not necessary, but it is convenient to have a temporary stop etc. in a narrow place.
Small so I put it in a car tool together with Socket.

It is a tool that you do not need, but if there is, work efficiency will definitely rise.
It's also very convenient because the motion is also Smooth, of course you can change the rotation method.
I do not take the place of the tool box for Small things, so I recommend changing Large..