Belanja Berdasarkan Model

Produk Rekomendasi

Merek Top

Keren...lampu sesuai pesanan lebih terang karena 12 volt

Kualitas produk yang baik ini sangat mudah dalam pemasangan , juga memiliki cahaya yang terang dan baik

Structure is also solid and it has as a reserve.

Right [ of the optimal and the fitting ] is carried out to a reserve, and it is 縲?

Since it was the same as the original manufacturer's product, it was able to use in comfort.
Since attachment is also only exchanged, it is easy.

The orange cover was removed and the bulb here was attached.
It becomes a sharp and is very good touch.

It attached and broke down in only one day.
It is the worst.
It is a skull mark, not to mention a star.

Since a position lamp is in the same housing as a headlight and became a high fever extremely, the white wedge was looked for not by LED but by the incandescent lamp.
It was able to unite with the color of the headlight instead of the color which is yellowish unlike an original manufacturer's product well.