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Very nice product,good quality,recommended for restoration and custom

Quality is expected from a Motionpro product. Fits 1/4 inch sockets at 2 ends. Bring your own sockets and cups.

Since it was not so expensive although the substitute was made from DIY, it purchased.
It uses according to a device.

the necessaries at the time of tampering with a motorcycle or maintaining -- if there is even this, it turns out immediately that where is stopped how and where has fitted in like this etc. (^^)

For the purchase of the tricker in medieval times, it could purchase and was saved very much.

hexagon socket plug 12.7mm hexagon-head opposite side 5mm product number JH.4AH-05 merchandise-information goods details bar code [ for TONE (Maeda Metal Industries) impact ]: -- a 005186001808 [one-piece] pin and the surface preparation; with an O ring -- blackening

TONE (Maeda Metal Industries) 1/2sq.
Socket 27mm product number JH.4A-27 for impact Merchandise information Details of goods Bar code: 005186001577 With the socket pin ring for 12.7 mm of [one-piece] plug 6 angle impact Surface preparation; blackening

inside-and-outside publication: Riding technique lecture big machine is manipulated free inside-and-outside publication product number [ of Hideki Kashiwa ]:NG027 In DVD[ a goods detailed DVD inclusion time:90 minute big machine extremely popular plan Hideki Kashiwa's big machine is manipulated free ] & video.
Movie of the subject which became a bestseller from immediately after sale.